KNOW Winter 2024 Magazine

38 KNOW MAGAZINE Meet Hetal Parikh, the dynamic force redefining talent acquisition at Rangam with heart and high-tech flair. A Harvard grad and diversity champion, she’s making waves in boardroom talks at the Women Presidents Organization and Better Business Bureau, while crafting global opportunities for Rangam in Fortune 500 collaborations. As a driving force on the boards of the Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), she’s a visionary leader shaping sustainable strategies and fostering innovative collaborations that truly matter. Her dedication to empowering small businesses through BBB certification is transforming the marketplace, and her collaboration with NYC’s Small Business Services is causing positive ripples in community growth. Beyond the confines of the boardroom, Hetal shines as a guiding star in the STEM universe, providing mentorship, scholarships, and entrepreneurial guidance to inspire and support young women, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive tech world. As a member of the CEO Commission, she actively advocates for policies on Capitol Hill that advance the careers of individuals with disabilities, tirelessly working to dismantle barriers and promote equal opportunities. Notably, Hetal Parikh has earned recognition as an SIA DEI Influencer for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, underscoring her significant impact and influence in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. IMPACT SOCIAL Hetal Parikh Rangam | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Women in STEM, Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities "True success transcends personal achievements; it is found in the trails we blaze for others. Social impact transforms challenges into stepping stones for collective advancement. It envisions a world where everyone, regardless of their beginnings, can discover their brilliance. Our legacy isn't measured by possessions, but by the opportunities we craft for those who come after us.”