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magazine WINTER 2023 JILL OSUR Founder of Teneral Cellars Shares How She Uses Wine as a Conduit for Change YEAR IN PICTURES Witness an Empowering Narrative Showcasing the True Power of KNOW + Boost Your Profit Potentiality with Suite Diversification Meet the 2024 Social Impact Honorees SPECIAL FEATURE


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2 KNOW MAGAZINE WINTER 2024 photography FLOWERSOME PHOTOGRAPHY MIYA JONES PHOTOGRAPHY SYNTHIA THERESE PHOTOGRAPHY SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY GALVEZ AND PARTNERS FEMFORCE MORGAN AMANDA PHOTOGRAPHY SARAH DIGREGORY PHOTOGRAPHY SOPHIA DUBOIS PHOTOGRAPHY CAT FORD-COATES editor + creative director ERIN DANIELS publisher SARAH BENKEN FOUSHEE contributing writers MELANIE AUBERT HEATHER POLIVKA NADINE NICHOLSON SHARON LAMM HARTMAN VANESSA SHAW SHERI HEITNER ANDERSON INDIA PRESLEY BOYD TISHAMARIE STRASSER GRACIE KRUGER JESSICA FOLINO RACHEL ROFF CRYSTAL GOVAN AYESHAH ABUELHIGA ADRIENNE HART from the PUBLISHER I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d become a publisher…of anything. However as we propel into 2024, I can’t imagine doing it any different. Publishing has become our vehicle to fulfilling the mission of helping women reach their next level of achievement. It feels like just yesterday that we launched KNOW Magazine with Leticia Frye on the very first cover. The past two years have flown by and I am just as excited to introduce Jill Osur, founder of Teneral Cellars as our eighth cover story. Not only is Jill last year’s winner of the 100 Women to KNOW in America award, but she is also a friend and a real changemaker. I am honored to share her story with you. In this issue of KNOW Magazine, you’ll also meet Elite Members sharing their expertise across industries. Melanie Aubert, a founding KNOW Chicago Member, shares her actionable tips on creating service diversification. And Heather Polivka, a Minneapolis based member, walks you through creating a brand culture that is irresistible to both clients and employees. A new feature in this issue is our Year in Pictures highlight, where we share some neverbefore-seen images from 2023. It’s truly an honor to have you beside me along this journey. There is no other group of dynamic women I would rather rally around and take on 2024 with. Warm regards, Sarah Benken Foushee Publisher of KNOW Magazine & CEO of KNOW Women, LLC

KNOW MAGAZINE 3 WINTER 2024 1.........................................Industrious 5 ....................Hoot Design Company 9 ..........ModaScapes Interior Design 47 .............. Carolina Massageworks 47 ............................Susan Gladstein from the EDITOR Is there a more thrilling time than freshly after the New Year? You’re still going strong on your resolutions, hype about your 2024 goals, and feeling truly unstoppable. The energy is simply different, especially when surrounded by a community of highachieving women. What I love about this time is that, as women in KNOW, we are already communityminded. But as we shape our new goals, we really lean into each other for partnerships, mentorships, and connection. It’s a true testament to our belief that connection is one of the main keys to reaching the next-level. In this issue, you’ll witness exactly that. Take a close look at our 2024 Social Impact Honorees—10 incredible women who are unstoppable forces, creating change and transforming their communities for the better. These women are mentors, activists, and changemakers. One of our Social Impact Honorees, Jill Osur, takes the spotlight as our cover story. Her journey was too remarkable to not be expanded upon. In 2020, Jill founded Teneral Cellars, driven by the belief that wine can be a conduit for change- a force for gender equity and social justice within the wine industry and our culture at large. From there, flip to our 2023 Year in Pictures Feature- a powerful narrative that shares the journey of our mission: to amplify the voices of one million ambitious women. As always, I hope this issue fills you with inspiration and I wish you continued success in 2024. Cheers! Erin Daniels Editor & Creative Director of KNOW Magazine To inquire about advertising in a future issue of KNOW Magazine or to receive a media kit, email: edaniels@ connect @theknowwomen subscribe ©2024 Know Women, LLC. all rights reserved.

CULTURE SCENE 6 | See the Next-Level Experiences powered by KNOW Across the Country LEADING LADY 10 | A Woman to KNOW: Jill Osur, Founder of Teneral Cellars HAPPENINGS 14 | Get in the KNOW About the Events Happening this Season SPECIAL FEATURE YEAR IN PICTURES 16 | An Empowering Narrative that Shares the Journey of our Mission; To Amplify the Voices of One Million Ambitious Women SOCIETE WELLBEING 24 | The Heart of the Matter; Revolutionizing Healthcare for Women Entrepreneurs 25 | Bigger than the White Picket Fence; Nurturing Authenticity in Mother-Daughter Relationships BUSINESS OF BUSINESS 26 | Close Your Say/Do Gaps; 5 Steps to Build a Business with Breathing Room 28 | New Year. Now What? 30 | The Authentic Entrepreneur; Scaling Businesses with Integrity PROTECT YOUR ASSETS 31 | Navigating Divorce and Business; Keep Business and Personal Matters Separate While Owning a Business Together Q&A 32 | Meet Crystal Govan, the Founder of Fabulously Created Events ENHANCE YOUR BRAND 34 | Elevate Your Brand with Culture 35 | Up Your Profit Potentiality with Offer Suite Diversification SPECIAL FEATURE SOCIAL IMPACT HONOREES 36 | The KNOW Social Impact Recognition Showcases 10 HighAchieving Impact Makers and World Changers in our Society EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF KNOW 44 | Read about KNOW’s Expansion into New York City HOME + LIFE INTERIOR TRENDS 46 | Adrienne Hart of ModaScapes Interior Design Shares a Project that Combines Mixed Metals for an Impactful Finish TRAVEL FEATURED CITY 49 | Add These Three Stops to Your Itinerary Next Time you Visit Raleigh, North Carolina FOOD + BEV SIP + TASTE 50 | Bloody Mary Biscuit Sandwich Bites with Mason Dixie Foods 51 | Biscuit Waffle Grilled Cheese with Mason Dixie Foods STYLE + BEAUTY BEAUTY 52 | Your Beauty, Your Way FASHION 53 | Style Yourself in 2024 at Arie Layne Boutique 56 | See what UrbanRX Founder, Rachel Roff, Carries in her LV Bag IN THIS ISSUE 53

KNOW MAGAZINE 5 Brand is the Being. Marketing is the Doing. Kristen is passionate about motherhood in the workplace, monetizing creativity, and the connection between brand and culture. She believes in a world where people can become their best selves through work. This is why she is passionate about the role women play in the workplace and her mission of destroying the motherhood penalty one workplace culture at a time. HOOT DESIGN COMPANY IS A FEMALE-LED, CULTURE-DRIVEN BRANDING AGENCY. DOWNLOAD OUR WORKBOOK Learn more about how we take a human-centered approach to problem solving to help brands live out their full potential. Kristen Graham Brown Owner, Founder, & Chief Creative Officer Hoot Design Company HI@HOOTDESIGNCO.COM HOOTDESIGNCOMPANY.COM ek

6 KNOW MAGAZINE CULTURE // SCENE Charlotte Volume Five Launch | Morgan Amanda Photography

KNOW MAGAZINE 7 CULTURE // SCENE Tampa Volume Six Launch | Sarah DiGregory Photography

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KNOW MAGAZINE 9 gner. From the beginning, you made me feel comfortable and expertly guided me to achieve a Are you inspired by what you see in your home? Do you feel supported functionally by how it works for you? Award winning Interior Design that creates meaningful change. Call today 480.422.1855


KNOW MAGAZINE 11 CULTURE // LEADING LADY Teneral Cellars stands out not only for its exquisite, award-winning wines, but for its commitment to giving back. “We donate 10% of profits to organizations that empower women and promote gender and racial equity,” Jill emphasizes. It’s a tangible way of using the power of business to uplift communities. The numbers speak volumes about Teneral Cellars’ success—a revenue of $1.179 million in its inaugural year, and a collection of gold, silver, and bronze medals from esteemed national wine competitions. But for Jill, the achievements go beyond the bottom line. “Breaking the milliondollar mark in 2021, our first full year of business, and donating $51,000 of that to organizations that promote both gender and racial equity is my biggest success so far,” she proudly states. Teneral Cellars disrupts the norm, not just by producing exceptional wines but by challenging the lack of diversity. “Almost 70% of wine is purchased by women, yet only 10% of winemakers are female,” Jill remarks. The company walks the talk, with 100% of vendors and suppliers being women-owned businesses. From UC Berkeley softball fields to the forefront of the wine industry, Jill Osur’s journey unfolds in Teneral Cellars—a venture challenging norms, fostering diversity, and using wine as a catalyst for change. Jill’s athletic roots have become the foundation for her leadership style, propelling her from political fundraising to marketing with Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada, and eventually to entrepreneurship. Her latest venture, Teneral Cellars, is rewriting the script of the wine industry, guided by a mission that resonates—reshaping a culture steeped in tradition to truly reflect its largest customer—women. As a co-founder and director of the California-based winery group GoldLine Enterprises, Jill Osur was no stranger to the world of wine. Yet, it was the societal upheaval and the pandemic-induced introspection of 2020 that led her to a profound realization. “I realized how tamed I had become in an industry dominated by rich white men,” she reflects. In response to this revelation, Teneral Cellars was born in October 2020, founded on principles of sustainability, diversity, and social impact. Jill’s vision is clear—wine is not just a beverage; it’s a conduit for change. “I want to be the brand that defines how to do well by doing good– to show that we can change the wine industry so that it’s more equitable for women,” she affirms. “Breaking the million-dollar mark in 2021, our first full year of business, and donating $51,000 of that to organizations that promote both gender and racial equity is my biggest success so far” SMASHING THE STATUS QUO ONE SIP AT A TIME

12 KNOW MAGAZINE CULTURE // LEADING LADY Jill’s commitment extends to creating conversation starters with every bottle of wine. Labels designed by women artists pose thoughtprovoking questions, encouraging meaningful conversations. The Ruthless Collection, born in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v Wade, epitomizes Teneral Cellars’ dedication to social impact. It is not just wine; it’s a narrative, a catalyst for change. Despite her numerous accolades, including the 2023 100 Women to KNOW in America Award, Jill remains grounded. “I think about how, if I want to see the change, I need to be the change,” she shares. Her journey reflects resilience, breaking free from industry norms, and embracing authenticity. In a candid moment, Jill recalls the turning point that fueled her determination. A threatening email, admonishing her for supporting Black Lives Matter, became the fuel for founding Teneral Cellars. “It said, ‘Dear Jill, how dare you post a Black Lives Matter post. This political post is going to damage me personally and professionally...’” Jill’s response was a courageous stand, a refusal to bow to outdated norms. As Jill looks to the future, her entrepreneurial spirit remains undaunted. She is the new owner of the Wilderotter Estate in Amador County with a beautiful winery, vineyard, tasting room and five-star boutique hotel. For Jill, Teneral Cellars brings together her personal and professional missions—elevating women and inspiring positive change. Jill Osur, the disruptor, the advocate, and the woman behind Teneral Cellars, has a story of resilience, disruption, and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Through Teneral Cellars, she has not only transformed the culture of wine, but also created a platform for change as she continues to challenge industry norms and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in every sip. @teneralcellars “I want to be the brand that defines how to do well by doing good– to show that we can change the wine industry so that it’s more equitable for women.”


14 KNOW MAGAZINE CULTURE // HAPPENINGS MAR APRIL MAY 3/12 12PM AZ Virtual Member Connection Call Join Fran Hauser, NYC based Elite Member, bestselling author and podcast producer. If you’ve wondered if writing a book is for you, or you’ve thought about how you can share your journey while expanding your brand, you’ll want to attend this connection call. 3/20 12PM AZ Virtual Live Member Masterclass Join us for a masterclass taught by Cassandra Thompson on Mastering LinkedIn. 3/20 6PM AZ Phoenix Vol 7 Launch Party Join us at The Rose Garden for the celebration and release of KNOW Phoenix Volume Seven. 3/26 6PM FOCU$ED Series: Close the Deal Join us in Charlotte, Tampa, and Phoenix for the second segment of our FOCU$ED Series teaching you about sales & leveraging to get paid. 4/11 10AM AZ Virtual Member Connection Call Join us on this call led by Sarah Benken Foushee, CEO and Founder of KNOW Women, all about preparing for Summit! Hop on to get all of the details so you are prepped and ready for three impactful days among leading female business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. 4/16 1PM AZ Virtual Live Member Masterclass Join us for a masterclass taught by a KNOW Elite woman and connect with ambitious ladies nationwide. 4/20 KNOW Inaugural Teen Summit KNOW Cares, in partnership with KNOW, will welcome 100 girls between the ages of 13-17 to Phoenix to spend a day centered around leadership, mentorship and inspiration. 4/21 - 4/23 KNOW Annual Summit Spend three impactful days among leading female business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. Get inspired, expand your knowledge, fuel your motivation, and have some FUN with fellow ambitious business women! NEIGHBORHOOD MEET UPS Phoenix Connect with women in your respective neighborhoods. Be on the look out for details for connection events in West Valley, Central Phoenix and Scottsdale, and East Valley. 5/14 6PM EST Charlotte and Tampa Girl’s Night Out Join us in Charlotte and Tampa for a night out with Top Entrepreneurs, Executives, CEO’s, and Philanthropists. 5/21 12PM AZ Virtual Live Member Masterclass Join us for a masterclass taught by a KNOW Elite woman and connect with ambitious ladies nationwide. 5/28 6PM FOCU$ED Series: All About the Money Honey Join us in Charlotte, Tampa, and Phoenix for the second segment of our FOCU$ED Series teaching you about sales & leveraging to get paid. NEIGHBORHOOD MEET UPS Phoenix Connect with women in your respective neighborhoods. Be on the look out for details for connection events in West Valley, Central Phoenix and Scottsdale, and East Valley. NEIGHBORHOOD MEET UPS Charlotte and Tampa Connect with women in your respective neighborhoods. Be on the look out for details for connection events in North Charlotte, South Charlotte, East Hillsborough, and Central and South Tampa. 5/9 11AM AZ Virtual KNOW Member Interest Call Global and Elite members will come together to network with fellow high-caliber business women across North America.


16 KNOW MAGAZINE At KNOW, 2023 was a year filled with growth, revision, ambition, clarity, success, and connection. A signature part of our coverage includes photography that shines light on all of our events: City Book Launch, State Hardcover Gala, Bubbly Brunch and Shop (now called Ascend), FOCU$ED Series, FOCU$ED Conference, Girl’s Night Out, and our Annual KNOW Summit. This year, we also soft launched in Chicago with two exclusive Elite Prospect Nights and in NYC with The Changemakers Event: Female Leaders Redefining Society. This collection is more than a mere array of images; it encapsulates the true Power of KNOW. Each photograph signifies not just memories, but the birth of new businesses, the forging of quality friendships, goals achieved, impactful inspiration, visibility for hundreds of women, next-level business partnerships, and connections that are giving deserving, ambitious women the voice and opportunity they deserve. Through the pages of our Year in Pictures, witness The Power of KNOW—an empowering narrative that shares the journey of our mission; to amplify the voices of one million ambitious women. YEAR IN PICTURES 2023

KNOW MAGAZINE 17 Kristina Lavallee, also known as The Cake Girl, meets Candace Nelson, Founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, at the VIP Meet and Greet during the annual KNOW Summit. Dr. Zabina Bhasin, Neerja Patel, and Kanika Chadda-Gupta pose on their way in to the 100 Women to KNOW in America Gala, presented by J.P. Morgan Chase. YEAR IN PICTURES | A LOOK AT 2023

18 KNOW MAGAZINE Brynn Saskowski and Tracey Greene-Washington pose together after connecting at the Charlotte FOCU$ED Conference, presented by Stephanie Korczynski. Four women join together at the Charlotte Volume Five Release Event hosted at Uptown 550.

KNOW MAGAZINE 19 Iris Look, owner of Balloon Fairies Events, poses with husband at the Phoenix Volume Six Release Event hosted at Jane Cussler’s Car Collection. Kamilah Hill receives the KNOW Cares Boost Your Business Grant. She joins grant service donors along with Sarah Benken Foushee on stage as she collects her check presented by KNOW Cares. YEAR IN PICTURES | A LOOK AT 2023

20 KNOW MAGAZINE Charlene Jefferson, Diane Holmes, Kendra Allison, and Dr. Lisa Folden sip signature cocktails at the Sunday Funday Pool Party to open the annual KNOW Summit. Leilani and Joscelyne Felix pose in front of the balloon wall at the Phoenix FOCU$ED Conference, presented by Assurity and Voluntary Partners.

KNOW MAGAZINE 21 Jacinda Jacobs, Celia Smart, and Sarah Benken Foushee join for a hug in front of the stage at the Charlotte FOCU$ED Conference, presented by Stephanie Korczynski. Morgan Amanda Photography captures the Charlotte sunset on the Uptown 550 rootop at the Charlotte Volume Five Release Event. YEAR IN PICTURES | A LOOK AT 2023

22 KNOW MAGAZINE Nadine Nicolson, Vanessa Shaw, Fabi Preslar, and Jacinda Jacobs connect at the annual KNOW Summit for a final meeting before their panel about building the life of your dreams. Features of Volume Two of the annual Women to KNOW in North Carolina Book gather together for a photo to celebrate the release of the publication.

KNOW MAGAZINE 23 Kanika Chadda-Gupta smiles alongside her friends and colleagues at The Changemakers Event: a panel night that kicked off KNOW’s presence in New York City. KNOW Summit attendees dance poolside to DJ Sarah Selfish at the Sunday Funday Pool Party during the annual conference. YEAR IN PICTURES | A LOOK AT 2023

24 KNOW MAGAZINE SOCIETE // WELLBEING THE HEART OF THE MATTER INDIA PRESLEY-BOYD, WANDERLUST CONCIERGE HEALTHCARE ELITE MEMBER | TAMPA Let’s talk healthcare for women entrepreneurs. The growth of female entrepreneurship has been significant in the past decade. However, there is a need to thoroughly analyze the obstacles faced by women who choose this path. Entrepreneurs’ limited access to healthcare benefits can prevent them from realizing their full potential. These benefits provide confidence and stability for individuals in the workplace. Addressing the issue of healthcare access for women entrepreneurs is crucial, as it directly affects their capacity to sustain their businesses while prioritizing their well-being. The absence of proper healthcare assistance makes the entrepreneurial path even more demanding for women, emphasizing the urgency of finding solutions that allow them to thrive in both their business endeavors and personal wellbeing. Corporate Wellness Initiative Wanderlust Concierge Healthcare is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, with a focus on addressing the unique healthcare needs of women in the business ownership realm. To fully support this task, Wanderlust has created a corporate wellness program. This program offers businesses and their employees’ access to high-quality healthcare at a lower cost, without the need for insurance. It offers access to affordable cash-pay prices and even provides benefits like discounted rates on labs, imaging, and medications. The service offers convenient care, including same-day appointments and direct communication with the provider for efficient assistance. Additionally, unhurried visits allow for comprehensive resolution of all concerns during one appointment. The corporate wellness program empowers businesses to prioritize the physical and mental health of themselves and their employees, leading to a revitalized and highly effective work environment. By promoting a proactive approach to healthcare, the program not only reduces absenteeism but also increases productivity and employee satisfaction. This tailored approach allows employees to receive the specific support they need, ultimately promoting better health outcomes and a higher quality of life. Investing in the well-being of employees is an investment in the success and longevity of the business. With this innovative healthcare approach, women entrepreneurs can devote themselves to growing their businesses without neglecting their own physical and mental well-being and empowering their team to stay healthy. What Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women. One of the key factors in addressing women’s healthcare is promoting awareness and early detection of cardiovascular disease. By prioritizing regular check-ups and adopting healthy lifestyle habits, women can take proactive steps to protect their health. Prioritizing their well-being helps women make impactful contributions in their work and personal lives. Long-term stress, whether it is physical or mental, contributes to cardiovascular disease by releasing detrimental hormones in the body for prolonged periods. These hormones influence things such as blood pressure, heart function and blood sugar levels. Tips For Success As a result, women must prioritize their own health and wellbeing to prevent or manage cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and adopting stress-reducing techniques can significantly lower the risk factors associated with heart disease. Taking care of ourselves and being aware of our body’s signals is important for women. Getting help early on is crucial for stopping chronic conditions. Women in business should take pride in being aware of the risk factors involved and take necessary measures to protect themselves in their positions. One effective approach is for individuals to adopt their own version of a corporate wellness initiative. To achieve this goal effectively, it’s essential to proactively plan and schedule regular days for self-care, find a clinic that offers cash-based routine healthcare services if insurance benefits are not available, and set up reminders for annual checkups and lab tests. Women must always bear in mind that they are unable to provide for what they do not possess. It is essential for them to recognize that their emotional and physical wellbeing has a direct impact on their capacity to meet their numerous life obligations. By prioritizing self-care and making it a fundamental part of their routine, women in business can cultivate resilience, reduce stress levels, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, connecting with a supportive community of individuals who share similar goals and nurturing meaningful relationships can offer invaluable emotional and professional support to overcome the obstacles encountered in their professional endeavors. REVOLUTIONIZING HEALTHCARE FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS

KNOW MAGAZINE 25 SOCIETE // WELLBEING BIGGER THAN THE WHITE PICKET FENCE TISHAMARIE STRASSER, BRING IT-PUSH IT-OWN IT ELITE MEMBER | PHOENIX When I was becoming a mom, I had this idea of a white picket fence, cute dresses, pigtails and laughter. What I missed working into this beautiful vision, was how hard it could be and how highly self empowered and healed I would need to be as a mother in order to be able to pass that down. The beauty of the mom and daughter relationship is that it will be whatever we nurture within ourselves for it to be. As mothers, we have this beautiful opportunity to be a mom and do all the things that we want motherhood to be along with the reality of possibly passing down generational thoughts and patterns. As women we think that we can put things in our past and keep moving forward, it’s almost like we think we can outrun it and it will never come up again. You think to yourself: “I’m going to live this life and vision I have created right here and forget everything else.” But, do you know when all those things will surface when we don’t deal with them? When you have a tween/teen girl and you see her hurt, struggles, insecurities or mental health issues start to surface which no one is immune to. One of the first things we need to do is to have a healthy, empowered, authentic relationship with our daughters, and to make sure we have healed anything that needs healed within us. We need to check in to know we are fully living in the present, or if our body is keeping the score of the undealt with from the past. There are many tools we can use to help access what our body is storing in “hidden” feelings within our bodies. It is important to confront this, in order to become empowered in our present journey and be an asset for our daughters. When our daughters become tweens and teens, they are extremely observant, even when we think they don’t notice anything about us. They feel it, all of it. If we walk around stressed, overwhelmed, anxiety stricken and holding trauma they feel it. The gift we can give is also being transparent and open. When they are ready which, believe it or not, is actually before adulthood. You should be open and share experiences you went through, so that they can understand the reason you may do things a certain way or seem a certain way. You are giving them an opportunity to think bigger than themselves as well. Give them the opportunity to connect to you on a level that’s not just parent to child, but yet empathy learning and real life concepts. Women are highly intuitive, empathetic and nurturing, and guess when that starts… as a young girl. If we hide all the things that aren’t good, we are creating a fairy tale land. Which in turn creates hardship for them down the road because we didn’t allow them to have real conversations and to learn to process by identifying their own feelings or views rather than shove them down like most women still do or have been taught. This concept is the same as a parent. It’s easy to look at our girls’ problems as petty and minor, between the gossip, losing friends, clothes, boys, grades, trying to fit in, and the entitlement. This is our opportunity to consistently grab that empathy and remind ourselves again that these things to them are like looking at the ocean, you can’t see the other side with it being so big, overwhelming, and seemingly never ending. When your brain is still developing all the way up to the age of 25, everything in their world is big and important. Let’s not forget what that felt like for ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we cannot teach them the tools to understand what is truly important and how to process and move forward from things, while also giving them empathy. The greatest tools we can give our girls is how to make hard decisions (let them do this), finding and using their own voice, and feeling their feelings, not just by shoving them down. It is okay to let her figure things out even when things don’t go perfect (with our support of course). Don’t try to fix everything even though you will want to.The last and ultimate gift you can give to your mother/daughter relationship is to let go of any expectations you have for her personality, views, or what she wants to be. Always stay open minded to grow and glow together and you will be able to ride all the storms life will bring your way! NURTURING AUTHENTICITY IN MOTHERDAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS

26 KNOW MAGAZINE SOCIETE // BUSINESS OF BUSINESS CLOSE YOUR SAY/DO GAPS NADINE NICHOLSON, ASCEND LEADERSHIP CO. ELITE MEMBER | CALGARY Powerhouse, I see you. I know you have the ability to create incredible results in business. You already have. You’re more successful than most. But, success so far has come with a price. You feel behind and pulled in multiple directions, you feel like you need to work harder to catch up, you worry your life is passing you by, and you’ve lost touch with how to enjoy the free time you DO have (when you manage to take a break from your work). 5 STEPS TO BUILD A BUSINESS WITH BREATHING ROOM

KNOW MAGAZINE 27 This is what I call the “middle zone of success.” It’s when a business owner knows how to make money and is mostly confident in business, but feels like she’s failing in life. She finds it hard to step away from work and is haunted by time scarcity, time guilt, and feeling behind and spread too thin all at once. She sacrifices her health, sleep, family time and life experiences for her business growth. The middle zone is a place of compromise, sacrifice, and uncertainty. It is ridden with guilt, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and resentment. If this is you, you’re not alone. I see this all the time. You can’t solve a busy-ness problem by working harder or more. You can’t stay in the middle zone forever. No one can. Your loved ones need you, you’re not getting any younger, and at the end of the day, you want to know that your life mattered – to your family, friends, community, and mostly to YOU. You want what I call “Impossible Freedom” where you grow your business and make more money in a way that creates time for more LIFE. This is a result of learning the art and practice of Time Mastery™, where you create fierce integrity between what you value the most and how you actually spend your time. It means unapologetically putting what lights you up at the center of your calendar and experiencing more growth, wealth, and joy because of it. (It all seems “Impossible” — but, it’s very possible). How do you get into the middle zone and more importantly how do you get out? The real culprit behind being in the middle zone is what I call the Say/Do Gap™. This is the gap between what you SAY matters to you and how you actually spend your time – your DO. What keeps you in the middle zone is not seeing your Say/Do Gaps™ and not closing them. Working harder will not solve the problem. The strategies that got you here won’t get you any further. You will work harder to stay there. You have to aim higher, to the top of the mountain where there’s more breathing room. You need to learn how to see and close your Say/Do Gaps™ so you can make your decisions from an ascended place of inspiration, possibility and self-trust. This is Ascended Leadership. Closing your Say/Do Gaps and living in fierce integrity with your values is precisely how you start to operate at a whole new altitude in your business and life. It’s how you defy former limitations or “can’ts” and actually create what you truly want. It’s how you realize your “someday” dreams NOW and live a life that’s impossible to regret. Closing the Say/Do Gaps in your business and life is something you will do over and over again. It is a skill and practice, not a onetime thing. To help you see your Say/Do Gaps and learn this skill of closing them, I’ve created a step-by-step process for this called the Say/Do Gap Eradicator. When you notice any signs of compromise, sacrifice,uncertainty, guilt, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and resentment, journal on these questions so you can see what’s causing you to get stuck and the path to follow through on what matters most to you: Step 1: The Say/ Do Gap What is your “say”? What do you say you want to be, do, or have? What’s your current “do”? What are your current actions and choices? What are the values that are not being honored by your current choices? Step 2: True Desire What would you be doing if you were honoring these values? Who will you be when you make these choices instead? Why is this important to you? Why bother? What’s your WHY? Step 3: The Can’ts What are the voices or stories that are coming up that stand in the way of you following through on these choices? Why will this be too hard? Why can’t you do this? Step 4: Wild Wisdom For each of the “can’ts” above, what does your wild wisdom (inner knowing) say? Are they true? How are they not true? Step 5: Choose What are you choosing? What inspired action(s) will you take? How motivated and committed are you to this choice? What do you need to know, do, or feel in order for this to be a 10? What will you do if or when you catch yourself wavering on your commitment? In conclusion, your calendar says everything about what you’re actually choosing to value. Because in a year from now, your life can look wildly different. You can be a true Time Master, enjoying “Impossible Freedom” — where you grow your business and make more money in a way that makes room for MORE LIFE. And, after working with many hundreds of clients to help them double their time off while simultaneously increasing their revenue from as low as 25% to as high as 10X, I can guarantee it’s 100% possible for you too. If you’d like more CLARITY on exactly how to do this in your specific business, book a free Confident Clarity Call with me at: SOCIETE // BUSINESS OF BUSINESS

28 KNOW MAGAZINE HOW do you actually achieve your goals? There are some logical steps that are important - break them down, map out the milestones, dedicate time each week to advancing your goals etc. It all makes sense. One major part of goal achievement that is frequently left out is WHO you need to be to make achieving your goals possible. The strongest force in our personality is our IDENTITY or SELF-CONCEPT made up of all our deeply held beliefs, assumptions, values, past experiences (good and bad), the way others have reacted to us or projected onto us. Think of this like your own unique blueprint that is always running the show whether you are aware of it or not. If you’ve experienced making progress towards your own goals only to find yourself getting derailed, distracted or selfsabotaging then you’ve probably started to bang up against the limitations of your own blueprint. The blueprint becomes as predictable as a thermostat controlling the heat in your home. Too hot and you’re turning the heat down or opening the windows to feel more comfortable. Too cold and you turn up the heat to feel more comfortable. The moment you find yourself comfortable, you slow down or stop yourself until the moment where discomfort kicks in again and the predictable cycle continues again. Here’s the real kicker of your own blueprint. Your current circumstances, experiences, relationships and results will also be consistent with your self-concept. This external “evidence” becomes the “proof” that keeps your selfconcept locked in place. What does that mean in practice? Goal achievement and lasting transformation is an INSIDEOUT process. It starts with shining the light on the aspects of your self-image that are holding you back and need an upgrade. You have to tap into your deeply held desires and pay close attention as they are guideposts to a bigger and brighter future (especially when your current circumstances paint a very different picture). This is by no way an easy process to unlock (yep I’m keeping it real for you!) because it’s so difficult for us as humans to read the label on the outside of the jar we found ourselves in and then unscrew the cap and get out! The good news is it’s entirely possible to upgrade your self-concept thereby making goal achievement a somewhat smoother process. Here Are My Top 7 Practical Tools For Upgrading Your Self-Concept And Identity. Create A Powerful Vision A more compelling future shifts the perception of who you see yourself to be. Eliminate Tolerations This enables you to raise your standards to be in alignment with your expanded identity. E.g. I don’t tolerate negativity, gossiping and disrespect in the workplace. Mind Your Language Pay attention to the negative words you use to describe NEW YEAR. NOW WHAT? Once again, feeds and emails are filled with declarations of changes to be made, new goals being set and leaving behind what no longer serves us in 2023 Once again feeds and emails are filled with declarations of changes to be made, new goals being set and leaving behind what no longer serves us in 2023. Goal setting in itself is not that complicated. Many of us are familiar with setting SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, time bound) goals. The real work and ultimate transformation is in goal achievement. VANESSA SHAW, THE BUSINESS GROWTH ACADEMY ELITE MEMBER | PHOENIX SOCIETE // BUSINESS OF BUSINESS

KNOW MAGAZINE 29 SOCIETE // BUSINESS OF BUSINESS yourself as they will constrain you. E.g. “I’m not good at… “, “I’m only ….”, “I never/always...” Use Thinking Models To challenge unexamined “beliefs” and create more empowered thinking. Choose Empowering Emotional States e.g. passionate, confident, playful, joyful, loving etc. Whilst “pain” can motivate us to make changes in the short term, pleasure is a long term motivator and once we access states that consistently make us feel good, irrespective of the environment, we naturally want more. Act As If (not to be confused with fake it till you make it which I’m not a fan of) You may not know exactly what to do yet, but let’s pretend that you do. This enables you to tap into inner resources that you may not even know you have. Peer Group It’s been said that we are the average of the 5 people we hang around the most. Create or belong to a peer group (KNOW WOMEN!!!!) in which the identity needed is the only identity that will exist in that environment. The standard of the peer group will not allow for anything else. Make sure the peer group stretches and challenges you, not from judgment and shaming but from love, encouragement and celebration. Expanding your self-concept is where true transformation lies and it takes a lot of practice so be kind to yourself along the way and remember to celebrate all the wins, big and small. You deserve to live richly.

30 KNOW MAGAZINE SOCIETE // BUSINESS OF BUSINESS THE AUTHENTIC ENTREPRENEUR DR. SHARON LAMM-HARTMAN, INSIDE-OUT LEARNING ELITE MEMBER | PHOENIX In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, especially for ambitious, professional women, scaling a business is a multifaceted challenge. Amid the myriad strategies and theories, one often-overlooked aspect stands out: authenticity. Understanding Authenticity in Business Authenticity, in the business context, refers to staying true to one’s values, beliefs, and principles. It’s about being genuine in your approach, transparent in your dealings, and consistent in your actions. In my book, The Authenticity CodeTM, I define authenticity as your most powerful way of adding value by expressing your unique gifts and talents for your chosen audience. In a world rife with competition and skepticism, authenticity can be your strongest asset. When you are connected to your authentic self as you conduct business, people take notice. Customers want to buy from authentic leaders. If two businesses have similar offerings, authenticity of the salesperson/ woman leader can often be the deciding factor in who a customer chooses to buy from. The Power of Authentic Relationships Building authentic relationships with your clients, employees, and stakeholders is foundational. People are drawn to businesses that resonate with them on a deeper level, beyond just the products or services offered. Authentic relationships foster trust, which is critical in customer retention and word-ofmouth referrals. In my business, Inside Out Learning (IOL), we have kept many of our customers for over 19 years. What started as one coaching client 19 years ago, has expanded to working globally across a Fortune 50 client (with 170,000 employees) and scaling our offerings to include coaching, leadership offsites, and professional and leadership development programs. IOL is also in the 4% of women owned businesses that make a 7-figure revenue. This demonstrates the value of authentic relationships in scaling your business. Authentic Leadership: Inspiring Teams For women in leadership, authenticity means leading by example. It involves showing vulnerability, admitting mistakes, and being open to feedback. Such leadership inspires teams, fosters a culture of trust, and encourages creativity and innovation. This, in turn, propels business growth and scalability. Brand Authenticity: Aligning Actions with Values Your brand should reflect your core values. This alignment attracts customers who share similar values and fosters loyalty. Authentic branding isn’t just about marketing; it’s about ensuring that every aspect of your business, from operations to customer service, echoes these values. Overcoming Challenges with Authentic Strategies In scaling a business, challenges are inevitable. Authenticity requires facing these challenges head-on, with strategies that align with your principles. It might mean turning down lucrative opportunities that don’t fit your business ethos or taking a stand on social issues relevant to your brand. The Role of Authentic Communication Clear, honest, and empathetic communication is vital. Whether it’s internal communication with your team or external communication with customers and partners, authenticity strengthens connections. This transparency builds a strong brand reputation and can turn challenges into opportunities. Leveraging Authenticity in Networking Networking, a crucial aspect of business growth, thrives on authenticity. Authentic interactions create meaningful connections that can open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and avenues for expansion. The Impact of Authenticity on Decision Making Authenticity plays a crucial role in decision-making. It involves making choices that are not just profitable but also in line with your business values. This approach not only ensures longterm sustainability but also sets you apart in a crowded market. Authenticity and Customer Experience An authentic customer experience is about more than just transactions; it’s about creating a connection. This means understanding and anticipating customer needs, providing personalized services, and ensuring that every interaction adds value. Embracing Authenticity in a Digital Age In today’s digital landscape, maintaining authenticity can be challenging. However, it’s essential to stay genuine in your online presence. Authentic content, interactions, and digital experiences can significantly enhance your brand’s appeal. Conclusion For ambitious, professional women in the business world, authenticity is more than a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative. It’s about building a business that not only grows but also resonates with your values and vision. In the journey of scaling your business, let authenticity be your guiding star. Remember, authentic businesses don’t just attract customers; they build communities, foster loyalty, and create lasting impact. Imagine if all the amazing KNOW women, banded together in our authenticity, perhaps we could raise the number of women businesses that make over 1M in revenue to 50%! This is my vision and passion. SCALING BUSINESSES WITH INTEGRITY

KNOW MAGAZINE 31 SOCIETE // PROTECT YOUR ASSETS Start the process with hiring a professional Business Evaluator that specializes in your industry. Evaluations of this nature can take time and can’t be rushed. There are complex details for all aspects of a business that are used during an evaluation. You need to know the value of your business well before you begin negotiating. You don’t know what you don’t know and this process is well worth the investment and time. Here are some tips for keeping business and personal matters separate while going through a divorce. Consult With Your Own Business Attorney If you don’t have an Operating Agreement, consider seeking counsel from a Business Attorney that will have your best interest in mind. They can help you understand your legal rights and obligations regarding your business. They can draft a separation agreement that outlines how the business will be managed during and after the divorce. You and your ex-partner can also come to an agreement to hire a Business Attorney that represents the business only which creates a non-conflict scenario. A Business Attorney that solely represents the company will focus on what’s best for the company and not any one individual. Communicate Effectively Communication during this time can be very tough at times! It’s essential to maintain open and honest communication with your ex-partner about the business. To hit your mark on this, use clear and concise language. Avoid using vague or ambiguous language that could be open to interpretation. Be respectful even though it’s highly likely you’re going through a difficult time. You know how easy an argument can ensue because of the tone of one party during a conversation. Listening actively can help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts from arising. Take the time to listen to your ex-partner’s concerns and perspectives. Try to understand where they’re coming from and find common ground. When discussing the business, try to stick to business-related topics and avoid bringing up personal issues that may be unrelated. If you find it difficult to communicate face-to-face, consider using written communication such as email or text messages. This can give you more time to think about what you want to say and can additionally help prevent arguments from escalating. Following these tips can help ensure that your communication with your ex-partner is effective and productive, even during a challenging time. Maintain professionalism Despite the personal challenges you’re facing, it’s crucial to maintain professionalism in the workplace. This means keeping personal matters out of business discussions and avoiding arguments or confrontations with your ex-partner in front of employees or clients. Talk about this early on in your decision to end your marriage. When employees suspect that there is major conflict going on between owners, it quickly lowers morale. Separate Personal And Business Finances If you haven’t already, it’s important to separate your personal and business finances. This can help prevent arguments over who owns what and make it easier to divide assets during the divorce. Dig in but do it gently! If you’ve never received or had access to weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports for your business, kindly ask for these documents. If you don’t understand the reporting, schedule an appointment with your CPA or Accountant. If your CPA or Accountant is an employee, request to meet with this person on your own to avoid internal conflict. As an owner, you have the same rights as your ex-partner to see and understand any and all financial reporting for the company. Consider Bringing in a Mediator If you’re having trouble communicating or reaching agreements about the business, a mediator, along with your Business Attorney can guide discussions and help you find solutions that work for both of you. Remember that while going through a divorce and owning a business together can be challenging, it’s possible to navigate this situation with professionalism and grace. By seeking legal advice, communicating effectively, and maintaining professionalism, you can protect your business while also moving forward with your personal life. NAVIGATING DIVORCE AND BUSINESS SHERI HEITNER-ANDERSON, UN*TIED ELITE MEMBER | PHOENIX When a couple owns a business together and is facing a divorce, it can be a complicated, emotionally charged situation. Not only do they have to navigate the personal challenges of ending a marriage, but they also have to figure out how to keep their business afloat during this difficult time. KEEP BUSINESS AND PERSONAL MATTERS SEPARATE WHILE OWNING A BUSINESS TOGETHER

32 KNOW MAGAZINE SOCIETE // Q&A Q& A Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started? My journey into event planning began with a genuine passion for planning, organizing, and an unwavering attention to detail. Eager to channel this enthusiasm, I started by volunteering on the Diversity Network at my corporate job, contributing to the planning of diverse events for the company. This hands-on experience not only fueled my love for event coordination but also became a valuable addition to my resume, ultimately opening doors for me to secure a fulfilling role in corporate event planning. What do you think makes your company stand out? At Fabulously Created Events, what sets us apart is our unparalleled versatility in event planning. We distinguish ourselves by delving into the unique styles and needs of our clients, recognizing that each event is an expression of their vision, not ours. With a genuine and realistic approach, our unwavering focus remains on our clients, ensuring that their experience is not only memorable but also authentically reflective of their desires. Our goal is to craft events that resonate, leaving every guest with lasting impressions that spark conversations for years to come. What was the “Aha Moment” that led to the creation for your current company? The creation of Fabulously Created Events dawned on me when I recognized that the passion and expertise I poured into planning events for my corporate job could be harnessed to craft extraordinary experiences under my own banner. That pivotal “aha moment” ignited the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to drive the essence of Fabulously Created Events today. What piece of advice has impacted you the most? The piece of advice that has profoundly shaped my perspective is the notion of not merely seeking a seat at the table but actively constructing my own table. This wisdom has empowered me to embrace independence, recognizing that there are times when I may find myself at the table alone – and that’s perfectly acceptable. It instills in me the strength to forge my path, build my vision, and revel in the confidence that every moment spent at my unique table is a testament to my resilience and determination. INSIDE SCOOP WAKE UP TIME BETWEEN 4:40AM-5:30AM BEDTIME 8:00pm FAV PODCAST WOMEN EVOLVE- SARAH JAKES IS MY GOOD SIS IN MY HEAD! CURRENT READ THOUGH I STUMBLE BY KIM CASH TATE GO-TO DRINK COKE WITH EXTRA ICE Crystal Govan with Fabulously Created Events