2024 Phoenix

BUSINESS 12 Never stop designing a life you love! You are worth it. Since 2001 Dena has been an elite business and mindset coach who has worked with thousands of purpose-driven business owners and leaders around the globe. Her 3 Pillar coaching approach helps her clients to build: the systems to be well-oiled, the sales strategy to be well-funded, and the greatness mindset to be well-led. Dena’s influence extends beyond coaching with over 75 media stories and podcasts that feature her work, along with her keynote speaking and her best-selling book, The Greatness Game. She navigates her work guided by six core values—courage, accountability, authenticity, faith, fun, and integrity. Outside her business ventures, Dena devotes herself to philanthropy and ministry work, serving as the Cofounder of Happy Hour With Jesus, a bible study initiative for women, and the 501c3 The Girls Rule Foundation, which champions empowerment and leadership programs for teen girls. Dena consistently seeks new opportunities, and embodies a relentless commitment to greatness. DENA PATTON Dena Patton Coaching & Training @denamariepatton @denampatton DenaPatton.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY