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2 SARAH BENKEN FOUSHEE Sarah Benken Foushee is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of 15 years, who has built and scaled her own brands internationally. She founded KNOW Women out of a passion for supporting fellow high-achieving businesswomen. Her mission is to provide space for dynamic female leaders to gather, collaborate, and be celebrated for their successes and hard work. In 2020, Sarah founded KNOW Cares, the non-profit philanthropic arm for KNOW Women, which is focused on empowering, educating, and raising funds for women and girls worldwide. KNOW WOMEN Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018 - KNOW is a global media company and community dedicated to amplifying the voices of female leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. In April of 2019, after launching more than 20 publications and hosting more than 120 in-person events, KNOW launched its digital platform for female business owners. Built for those in high-growth mode, the membership became the space for women to align through professional development, accountability, and community. In 2020, after recognizing the need for even more connection and through our desire to continue to provide the best opportunities for growth and exposure, KNOW launched its Global Membership. Any woman regardless of their locale, career, or tenor, can align with KNOW Women. KNOW publishes the nationally recognized KNOW City Book and Women to KNOW State Book, and produces the annual KNOW Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. KNOW has has published more than 6000 women, hosted 480 events, produced more than 50 print publications, including the KNOW City Book, Women to KNOW State Hardcover coffee table book, and the quarterly KNOW Magazine, developed 3 award recognitions, including 40 OVER 40, Social Impact Awards, and 100 Women to KNOW in America...and has nearly 12,000 (and counting) women involved throughout North America. For more information, or to get involved, go to: theknowwomen.com

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BEAUTY 8 I am building a space for women to grow and thrive in their business. Beth Erickson is the visionary founder of On Point Permanent Makeup. She has meticulously created a Haven dedicated permanent Makeup and Skin Aesthetic services. Beth takes great pride in offering an extensive range in services that include micro blading, soft powder, brow, ombre, brow, eyeliner, lips and paramedical tattooing, as well as dermaplaning, and Glow Tox hydrating facial. Her professional odyssey began 13 years ago during which time she honored her skills as a surgical assistant, and worked alongside ophthalmologist, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons. In early 2024 , Beth hit a huge milestone when she opened up her own Spa and Salon Suites located in Goodyear Arizona. Her vision behind this was to allow a space for Spa and Aesthetic services to work collaboratively. She wanted a space for women to be able to thrive and grow in a professional spa setting. Beth Erickson’s journey is a testament to her dedication and commitment to enhancing the beauty and confidence of her clients through her work. BETH ERICKSON Luxe Spa and Salon On Point Permanent Makeup @onpointpermanentmakeup 520.990.8976 | 623.535.4593 vagaro.com/onpointpermanentmakeup PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BEAUTY 9 I’m committed to changing the lives, restoring confidence , and wholeness for every woman that’s walks through my doors. Gracie Kruger, owner of Natural Essence Studio, uniquely bridges the gap between medicine and beauty, focusing on empowering women and supporting individuals recovering from medical trauma. Her diverse background as a mother, spouse, devout Christian, and military veteran, coupled with an impressive 8-year tenure in the medical field, provides her with a distinct edge in medical and cosmetic tattooing. Gracie’s approach is marked by a deep understanding of her clients’ needs, employing precision and compassion to enhance natural beauty and restore confidence. Her commitment to excellence in cosmetic tattooing goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about offering a transformative experience that uplifts and empowers. At Natural Essence Studio, Gracie ensures that each client receives personalized care, tailoring her services to meet their unique desires and challenges, truly embodying the studio’s mission to blend healing, beauty, and restoration in every touch. GRACIE KRUGER Natural Essence Studio @naturalessence_studio @naturalessencestudioaz Naturalessencestudio.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 10 Real business starts with human connection. Source PR, a high-performance boutique public relations agency, was co-founded by communication experts and long-time colleagues Alexa Ablondi and Pamela Hubach after ten years at top marketing agencies and in the corporate world. Source represents brands across many verticals such as health and wellness, homebuilding, non-profit, hospitality, and more. With a creative and strategic mindset, they specialize in creating thoughtful news coverage that elevates their clients and resonates with audiences. Alexa and Pamela started Source to form genuine, long-standing partnerships based on more personalized and powerful PR. Their keen ability to find the right angles for the right reporter has landed clients notable coverage in The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, Phoenix Business Journal, Phoenix Magazine, and The Arizona Republic, to name a few. They can talk all day about the ins and outs of PR, but the root of their success lies in the passion and fun they have, building relationships and delivering results for the clients they represent. They love what they do, and it shows. ALEXA ABLONDI PAMELA HUBACH Source PR @mrshubach | @alexaablondi hello@sourcepragency.com sourcepragency.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 11 Her success isn’t luck; it’s a legacy built with grit, grace, and unwavering tenacity Cheryl James, founder of CL James Consulting, is an operational excellence and strategic innovation expert. With over 25 years of experience as a senior executive at a Fortune 100 company, she excels in project/product management, technology implementation, and automation. Cheryl’s career is highlighted by her success in streamlining operations and leveraging data for strategic insights, leading companies to informed decisions and growth. Her holistic, client-focused approach to creating custom solutions for both immediate and longterm profitability. Central to her practice is the philosophy of turning ‘chaos into cash,’ a testament to her methodical strategy that has guided numerous businesses, from startups to established firms, to thrive amidst challenges. Cheryl’s unique ability to build strong customer relationships and insightful data analysis provide unmatched guidance and support, making her an invaluable asset in consulting. Cheryl loves to travel, cook, and spend time with her husband of 28 years. CHERYL JAMES C.L. James Consulting @iamcljames @cheryllynnjames cljamesconsulting.com PHOTO CREDIT: TALAN PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 12 Never stop designing a life you love! You are worth it. Since 2001 Dena has been an elite business and mindset coach who has worked with thousands of purpose-driven business owners and leaders around the globe. Her 3 Pillar coaching approach helps her clients to build: the systems to be well-oiled, the sales strategy to be well-funded, and the greatness mindset to be well-led. Dena’s influence extends beyond coaching with over 75 media stories and podcasts that feature her work, along with her keynote speaking and her best-selling book, The Greatness Game. She navigates her work guided by six core values—courage, accountability, authenticity, faith, fun, and integrity. Outside her business ventures, Dena devotes herself to philanthropy and ministry work, serving as the Cofounder of Happy Hour With Jesus, a bible study initiative for women, and the 501c3 The Girls Rule Foundation, which champions empowerment and leadership programs for teen girls. Dena consistently seeks new opportunities, and embodies a relentless commitment to greatness. DENA PATTON Dena Patton Coaching & Training @denamariepatton @denampatton DenaPatton.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 13 My Philosophy is to always love what you do for a profession. Success will always follow. Launching my career journey at Nordstrom at 18, I began on the sales floor, embodying the ethos of hard work and dedication. This foundation paved the way for a series of internal promotions, culminating in my role as the Director of Human Resources for Southern California. After dedicating 13 years to this role, my path turned toward the cosmetics industry, where I flourished as an Executive. The latest chapter in my career, spanning 17 years, has seen me delve into the insurance sector, focusing on aiding business owners in optimizing their employee benefits. As the Executive Director of Operations for Voluntary Insurance Partners, I find myself in an ideal position to make a significant impact. My role allows me to assist individuals and business owners in navigating the complexities of insurance, enabling them to economize while securing premier benefits for their employees. My commitment extends beyond professional advisement; I am deeply invested in contributing to the community and empowering other women to achieve their financial aspirations. Today’s landscape is ripe with opportunities for women, marking an era of unparalleled potential and blessings. DENISE FORCONI Voluntary Insurance Partners, LLC. @denise-forconi-3713b253 Dforconi@voluntarypartners.com Voluntarypartners.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 14 True success is measured by the lives you impact. Be the beacon that inspires others to create a legacy of courage and determination. Dr. Leilani Felix-Acosta is transforming the business advisory and brokerage industries with her expert blend of academic knowledge and entrepreneurial drive. As the owner of First Choice Business Brokers of Phoenix, AZ, and El Paso, TX, she leverages her expertise to advise business growth and facilitate smooth ownership transitions. Dr. Leilani holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in eCommerce and a Master of Business Administration specializing in International Business. She is a Certified Healthcare Practice Broker, Certified M&A Professional, and Certified Value Builder Advisor. Dr. Leilani’s engagement with the community and professional organizations highlights her commitment to building lasting relationships with her clients. Dr. Leilani is a trailblazer in the business advisory and brokerage fields and is leading the way in innovation and excellence, with client success as the foremost goal, whether through acquisition, business growth, or exit planning. DR. LEILANI FELIX-ACOSTA First Choice Business Brokers @drleilani_fx @dracosta broker.doctor

BUSINESS 15 WBEC-West empowers women, which leads to thriving businesses, prosperous communities, and a flourishing economy. Dr. Pamela Williamson is the President and CEO of WBEC West. She works with WBEs, connecting them to opportunities with corporate America and each other through targeted networking, education, and certification. She contributes to the movement towards financial parity between women-owned businesses and their male counterparts by creating programs to enhance the growth and development of women entrepreneurs with the goal of building up successful women-owned businesses and a vibrant WBE ecosystem. During her tenure at WBEC-West, the organization launched multiple educational programs and made thousands of connections between WBEs and corporate America. Pamela holds a Doctorate in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Organization Management, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and social work. She sits on countless boards and serves as a Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks Expert Panelist for The Centre for Global Inclusion. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Women in Motion magazine and co-hosts the Women in Motion radio. DR. PAMELA WILLIAMSON Women Business Enterprise Council West @women-s-business-enterprise-council west-689a28167 @wbecwest wbec-west.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 16 Every day, I let my light shine bright so that others are inspired to let their light shine, too. Emily Evans is the founder of Emily Evans Consulting, a successful entrepreneur and benefits consultant. Emily began building her business in 2011, establishing Emily Evans Consulting in 2019, and then joined forces with The Benefit Doctor in 2021 to serve her clients better. Emily specializes in assisting business owners with long-term strategies and creating a curated benefits experience. Emily has earned many local and national awards related to sales and manpower development and managerial excellence during her career in her chosen industry. Emily is also very involved in the local community where she resides. Emily is a graduate of Class XXV of Gilbert Leadership, serves as Vice Chair for Gilbert Talks, and is in an advisory role for the Zeriah Foundation. Because of her extensive community involvement, she was nominated as Small Business Woman of the Year with The Gilbert Chamber in 2016 and again in 2021. Emily is dedicated to building a legacy of community involvement and servant leadership by helping her clients use benefits to propel their businesses forward. EMILY EVANS The Benefit Doctor LLC @emilyevansconsulting 480.573.6066 thebenefitdoctor.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 17 We believe “fun” and “finance” belong in the same sentence, because your numbers don’t have to be complicated. Meet Heather Pranitis. She’s the Founder & Chief Number Nerd at Number Nerd Bookkeeping. But she’s no ordinary accountant. This business-savvy female entrepreneur has worked for clients of every size from the solo business owner to the c-suite. Small start-ups to large multi-million dollar brands and every size in between. The motivating force behind Heather and her team at Number Nerd is the opportunity to help their clients’ businesses soar – as a result of getting really intimate with their numbers. Heather and her team work to decode the numbers that can often be a foreign language for many business owners. They help unpack the story that the numbers are telling, so that the company finances can actually inform their business strategy. And she does so with a straightforward, no-B.S. approach that’s grounded in client trust. When Heather isn’t crunching numbers or advising her clients, she keeps busy with her boyfriend of 12 years and their three Miniature American Shepherds. She enjoys reading and traveling and – like any of us ladies – is always working to perfect her skincare routine. HEATHER PRANITIS Number Nerd Bookkeeping @numbernerd_heather @heatherpranitis numbernerdbookkeeping.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 18 Everything is Figureoutable. Holly Norton is not your average HR Executive. As the driving force behind Strunk HR, a division of the Strunk Insurance Group, she is redefining what it means to be in human resources. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter HR strategies; Holly is a visionary leader, constantly innovating and inspiring change in the people operations space. Holly empowers and supports leaders and business owners to create a work culture that is nothing short of stellar. She’s not about ticking boxes; she’s about creating bespoke HR experiences that resonate deeply with every client. Under her guidance, companies are not just compliant; they’re ahead of the curve, investing in their people like never before. As a key player in DisruptHR Phoenix and Tucson, Holly’s influence extends beyond her immediate sphere, bringing together innovative voices in HR from across the globe, reshaping the industry’s landscape. Living in Phoenix with her teenage son, significant other, and beloved dog, Holly’s life outside the workplace mirrors her professional ethos— unconventional, forward-thinking, and infused with a blend of humor. This blend of wit and wisdom not only sets her apart but also exemplifies her belief that the workplace can be both a place of serious achievement and genuine enjoyment. HOLLY NORTON Strunk HR @holly-norton-0202 hnorton@strunkgroup.com strunkgroup.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 19 Dedication, integrity, and compassion are the cornerstones of everything Jana does. From her earliest memories, Jana dreamt of being an entrepreneur. As a teenager, she embarked on her first business venture, co-founding a gift basket business with her childhood best friend. Together, they took the gift baskets to Main Street of their home town selling them to local businesses. After gaining experience in the banking industry, Jana took a leap of faith and established her own commercial cleaning business eight years ago. Today, she collaborates closely with small and medium-sized companies, tailoring bespoke cleaning solutions to meet their unique needs. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jana’s heart lies in making a meaningful difference in her community. She frequently partners with rehabilitation facilities and women’s shelters, offering support and fresh starts to those in need. Jana is dedicated to excellence in service, ensuring that her clients receive top-quality care while also providing above-average compensation to her hardworking staff. JANA MARTIN Jana Martin 805.423.2203 info@thecleaningcompanyaz.com thecleaningcompanyaz.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 20 She believes that people management and leadership are the most transferable skills a leader can hold. Kelsey Emery is the Central Regional Director of Industrious. Kelsey started her career as an engineer and manager in the mining industry. In 2016, she made a career pivot into the wedding industry and eventually found her home in the flex office space with Industrious. At Industrious, Kelsey supports the company’s mission to ensure that every member within their walls can take on big challenges of collaborating, sharing, and growing a business, all while feeling a sense of belonging. Industrious will open its seventh Valley location this year in Chandler, after opening Park Central and Kierland Commons in 2023. With her own unique career trajectory as a guide, Kelsey also writes for her own blog rawrleadership.com. She believes that people management and leadership are the most transferable skills a leader can hold – and if you hone those skills, you can be successful anywhere. Kelsey resides in North Peoria with her husband, Chris and daughter, Austyn. KELSEY EMERY Industrious @industrioushq industriousoffice.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 21 God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more, talk less. In 2019, Marin Hamel boldly launched Print Tech Group, a comprehensive print and graphics powerhouse dedicated to redefining industry standards. With two decades of diverse experience in the printing sector, Marin recognized an opportunity to elevate client expectations by delivering unparalleled service. To Marin, printing isn’t merely about ink on paper; it’s about orchestrating an exceptional customer journey. Central to Print Tech Group’s ethos is a steadfast commitment to prioritizing clients’ needs, ensuring swift responsiveness, fair pricing, and streamlined production processes. Marin’s unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations has cemented the company’s reputation as a trusted partner in the print and graphics industry. Beyond the boardroom, Marin finds companionship in her beloved dog, Ruger. She also loves to indulge in outdoor adventures, fine dining experiences, and the invigorating pursuit of powerlifting. MARIN HAMEL Print Tech Group @printtechgroup 623.271.3558 printtechgroup.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 22 Everything excellent is as difficult as it is rare. As a Leader in the male-dominated construction industry, Mary Hampton defies stereotypes and blazes trails. With almost two decades of experience, Mary has shattered glass ceilings, rising to prominence as a high-level executive. Her journey is characterized by resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Alongside her remarkable career in construction, Mary is a passionate advocate for Small Businesses and the empowerment of women. Beyond her role in construction, Mary is a visionary business coach and solutionist who leverages her expertise to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and executives, particularly women navigating similar professional goals. Through her leadership, mentorship, and advocacy, Mary Hampton continues to redefine success and inspire future generations. MARY HAMPTON The Hampton Agency Hampton Design & Closets @hamptondesignandclosets @thehamptonagency the-hampton-agency.com hamptondesignandclosets.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 23 “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde Sara Chambers is a brand strategist and the CEO of Elly and Nora Creative, a fullservice creative agency focused on building and activating brave, bold, and brag-worthy brands. She’s also the host of the podcast Chicks Who Give a Hoot, where she explores the global impact of women with passion and purpose. She loves collaborating, community, and coffee. Alliteration is clearly her favorite literary device and she’s a fierce advocate for the Oxford comma. Before Sara founded Elly and Nora, she spent the greater part of her career helping non-profits, authors, and lifestyle brands in marketing, public relations, communications, design, and everything in between. She believes that personal development is at the core of branding, which is why it is so transformational. Helping her clients stand in the light, claim their expertise, and champion their vision is what makes the work worth it, even on the hard days. She loves good food, deep conversation, and the thrill of a perfect thrift store find. She’s an Enneagram 8 and spends her finite free time trying to catch up on her ever-growing pile of “to-be-read” books. SARA CHAMBERS Elly and Nora Creative @sarachamberscreative @sara-chambers-phx ellyandnoracreative.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 24 You have no obligation to “make sense” to anybody else. Sarah is the pioneering founder of Rising Brand Legal and The Legal Shoppe, focusing on safeguarding her clients’ businesses, brand, and legacy. Her extensive 20+ years in the legal field are dedicated to redefining legal services for small business owners. Sarah’s style is uniquely tailored to demystify what feels complex and overwhelming, motivating her to establish a practice centered around transparency, approachability, and client empowerment. She did this by innovating tools to make legal accessible to every business owner. Sarah’s vision and efforts have positioned her as a valuable ally to entrepreneurs and a forward-thinking leader in the legal profession. Sarah’s ethos goes beyond lawyering. She is actively involved in several entrepreneurial and women’s’ business organizations. She believes that genuine relationships and friendships are crucial for successful business. When she’s not working with clients, Sarah loves everything outdoors. You’ll find her hiking one of the Valley’s many trails or camping with her husband, Matt, two boys, and two dogs. SARAH GILLILAND Rising Brand Legal The Legal Shoppe @thelawyersarah | @thelegalshoppe hello@risingbrandlegal.com risingbrandlegal.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

BUSINESS 25 Stop staying in the shadows. It’s time to step into the spotlight and let yourself be seen! Stacey, a seasoned photographer with a decade of experience in wedding photography, chose to redefine her professional journey to harmonize with her family commitments. She ingeniously tailored her photography business, ensuring it aligned with family life and motherhood rhythms. This shift led to the birth of FemForce, an innovative monthly photoshoot membership designed for female entrepreneurs seeking fresh social media content. Stacey’s trailblazing venture in the photography industry introduced a groundbreaking approach to photoshoots, diverging from traditional paths. What commenced in a single city has now expanded across the nation. Alongside her dedicated team, FemForce enables them to present themselves consistently, embrace the spotlight, and emerge as venerated leaders within their respective fields. This unique model supports female entrepreneurs’ visibility and fosters a community of empowerment and collaboration, allowing for shared successes and growth. Stacey’s vision transforms how women in business perceive and utilize photography, making it a pivotal tool in their journey toward success. STACEY POTERSON FemForce @femforceshoots_ team@femforceshoots.com femforceshoots.com PHOTO CREDIT: FEMFORCE

BUSINESS 26 Sales shouldn’t be about selling or persuading anyone of anything. It should be about helping someone solve their problems. Tish Times, the visionary behind the Tish Times Sales Agency, is an expert in driving remarkable sales conversions and empowering sales teams to thrive. With almost 15 years of experience, Tish has revolutionized businesses, enabling them to establish dynamic revenue-generating connections, fill events, and accelerate program enrollments. With an innate ability to streamline sales cycles and facilitate seamless closures, Tish and her team deliver an unparalleled “donewith-you” sales solution that catapults company revenue. Tish’s exceptional skill set extends to lead generation, ensuring a robust pipeline and an impressive conversion rate of prospects into loyal clients. Her acclaimed works include “Networking is Not a OneNight Stand,” “The Unstoppable Confidence Networking Playbook,” and the gamechanging “Networking and Sales Planner.” As the founder of Profit Makers University, Tish runs a prestigious business school that imparts a methodical, genuine, and resultsdriven approach to networking and sales, ultimately translating to lucrative bottomline outcomes. TISH TIMES Tish Times Sales Agency @tishtimes 602.842.1772 tishtimes.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

FASHION 27 I am committed to helping women find their beauty, be themselves on purpose, and have fun with their style! Beatriz Bogard is originally from Veracruz, Mexico, but the United States has been her home for 30 years. Her career started as a Certified Spanish Interpreter and Translator for the U.S. Courts. After working there for more than 20 years, she decided to reinvent herself and found her love for empowering women. Beatriz studied fashion design and styling to pursue her dreams and became a Certified Image Consultant at The London Image Institute. She founded Bogard House of Style, an Image Consulting firm specializing in Color and Style Analysis. Beatriz’s services extend beyond wardrobe, makeup, and fashion styling to communication skills, behavior, and etiquette. Beatriz is a gifted instructor and speaker who conducts Image Workshops in English and Spanish. Beatriz is also a jewelry designer and owner of BEAutiful Cosmetics and Skincare. She’s fully embracing this second chapter of her life with great enthusiasm. Her mission is to inspire and empower women to discover their unique style, which genuinely represents their essence and helps them reach their full potential in their careers and personal lives. BEATRIZ BOGARD Bogard House of Style Image Consulting @bogardhouseofstyle @beatriz-bogard-69a858204 bogardhouseofstyle.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

FOOD + BEV 28 Kirsten’s motto, “life is too short, get moving,” resonates through the dynamic environment she’s cultivated. Kirsten Steele is the culinary force behind Chestnut, a cherished eatery and gathering space. With a passion for crafting delectable dishes, Kirsten has infused her menu with a personal touch, ensuring that from the first bite of breakfast to the last taste of a Burger Overload, each dish is a testament to her love for food and commitment to quality. Her dedication to creating a welcoming atmosphere where community and cuisine intersect has made Chestnut a go-to spot for those seeking healthy salads, indulgent treats, and everything in between. Chestnut’s vibrant energy extends beyond its menu, offering a unique dining experience in the bustling Biltmore Center. An advocate for an active lifestyle, Kirsten balances her time in the kitchen with swimming, spinning, lifting, and hiking with her family. This inviting locale stands as a testament to Kirsten’s vision of a place that mirrors her own desires for a perfect hangout - excellent food, a stellar bar, and a community feel. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, Chestnut welcomes you to join in the camaraderie and savor the creations of a true food lover and seasoned restaurateur. KIRSTEN STEELE Chestnut @chestnutaz Eat@chestnutaz.com chestnutaz.com PHOTO CREDIT: CAT FORD-COATES

FOOD + BEV 29 It is never too late to create a life you love that has purpose. Nancy Meek is a purveyor of the luxurious, a wine enthusiast, and a connoisseur of the good life- an embodiment of sophistication and style. Nancy, the respected founder of Scottsdale Wine Club, has redefined the art of wine appreciation with a touch of opulence. Since its inception in 2020, the club has blossomed into a sanctuary for over 2,500 discerning wine enthusiasts. Elevating the wine experience beyond the ordinary, Nancy orchestrates exquisite events that bring the world’s most sought-after wines to the comfort of your home or an extraordinary venue. In 2024, prepare to be delighted as Nancy unveils her piece de resistance- her partnership with Su Vino Winery, a lavish tasting room, and the introduction of her exclusive line of privately labeled wines. Nancy’s additional entrepreneurial history includes being the Co-Founder of The Women 360, a platform she champions to empower and celebrate women. Her literary contribution, “Ignite the Fire Within: How to Find the Resilience to Reinvent Yourself,” is a testament to her wanting to inspire others. She is excited to have found her true calling. NANCY MEEK Scottsdale Wine Club @nancymeek1 @scottsdalewineclub scottsdalewineclub.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

FOOD + BEV 30 You can’t make everyone happy. You are not cheese! Cheese, the chosen word that brings a big smile while posing for a photo. Charcuterie boards have become the staple of many gatherings. Sonia, from Sap N Honey Boards is proud to be a part of the growing cheese culture craze. A former teacher, and now fulltime business owner, Sonia is dedicated to bringing quality, elegance, and deliciousness to each creation. Her elevated charcuterie boards are curated with mindful personal touches that are sure to be the talk of the event. Stepping into the fourth year this Spring, Sap N Honey Charcuterie Boards brings their customers a menu with must have selections for any occasion. Sonia offers customizable charcuterie boards, artisanal sandwiches, crudites, fruit boards, as well as dessert boards. Grazing tables are the real showstoppers- filled with a variety of flavors, colors, and textures it is the perfect art piece for any event. Sonia is grateful for local cheese lovers who have become loyal customers and friends. She has developed partnerships with small businesses and organizations across the valley. Her inspiration and motivation to create and deliver excellent quality is driven from each one of her customers’ experiences. Sonia believes sweet dreams are made of cheese; and maybe wine… SONIA NAHABEDIAN Sap N Honey Boards @sapnhoneyboards 602.370.1429 sapandhoneyboards.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

HEALTH 31 It’s what you make of every moment that defines your character. Christie is the Marketing Manager for City of Hope Cancer Center, Phoenix. She is responsible for managing regional marketing campaigns, including brand awareness, clinical marketing, and partnerships with Cancer Support Organizations. She has oversight of the Volunteer Program which focuses on patient experience. Christie is responsible for leading the strategic multifaceted marketing plans, collaborating with hospital and clinical leaders to enhance the hospital’s reach in the local markets and locations throughout the valley. Christie has over 22 years of experience in marketing, operations, project management, sales, human resources, inventory, strategic planning, budgeting, and visual merchandising. She champions organizations focused on women, children, healthcare, veterans, minorities, health and wellness, and those fighting cancer. Christie is a graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S. in Business Management. She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart, Josh, and they have two boys. Christie is proud to call herself a sports mom. CHRISTIE SHEARS City of Hope Cancer Center, Phoenix @christie-s-9506a4bb christie.shears@coh.org cancercenter.com/cityofhope.org

HEALTH 32 Cancer Treatment Centers of America is now City of Hope. City of Hope’s mission is to deliver the cures of tomorrow to the people who need them today. Founded in 1913, City of Hope has grown into one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the U.S. and one of the leading research centers for diabetes and other life-threatening illnesses. City of Hope research has been the basis for numerous breakthrough cancer medicines, as well as human synthetic insulin and monoclonal antibodies. With an independent, National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center at its core, City of Hope brings a uniquely integrated model to patients spanning cancer care, research and development, academics and training, and innovation initiatives. City of Hope’s growing national system includes its Los Angeles campus, a network of clinical care locations across Southern California, a new cancer center in Orange County, California, and treatment facilities in Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix. City of Hope’s affiliated family of organizations includes Translational Genomics Research Institute and AccessHopeTM. SAGUN SHRESTHA, MD Medical Director of Medical Oncology City of Hope Phoenix @cityofhope SHANA WINGO, MD FACOG Medical Oncologist City of Hope North Phoenix AMBER FLAHERTY, MD Medical Oncologist City of Hope Tatum Ridge TANIA CORTAS, MD, CPE Medical Oncologist City of Hope Tatum Ridge

HEALTH 33 Originally from Michigan, Dr. Collier completed her education in California, graduating in 2002 from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco. She settled in Goodyear, AZ, in 2007. Dr. Collier has two daughters of her own and, in 2021, married her true love, adding three more daughters and a son to the “bunch. “ She owns her dental practice, Desert Vista Dental West, in Goodyear, and enjoys all aspects of restorative dentistry. However, her true passion lies in cosmetic dentistry. From Invisalign to full mouth rehabilitations and JOY M. COLLIER, DDS Desert Vista Dental West @DesertVistaDentalWest @desertvistadentalwest dvdentalwest.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY veneers, she loves giving patients newfound or restored confidence. Dr. Collier was recently recognized for her dental excellence by the world’s top esthetic dental porcelain manufacturer, Ivoclar. She has been named a Top Dentist by Phoenix Magazine as well as a Top Dentist in America. Dr. Collier believes in the pursuit of dental excellence through advanced continuing education. She has spent countless hours at the prestigious Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Collier truly loves what she does; her enthusiasm shines through daily in her practice! God only gives us that which we can handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much!

HEALTH 34 A healthy beauty routine is not self-indulgence or vanity. It is selfpreservation, self-care, and self-love, which we all deserve Noelle Cesario, L.E., C.L.T., is a Medical Aesthetician at the award-winning LifeScape Premier Medical Practice under the direction of Dr. Susan Wilder in Scottsdale, Arizona. Noelle has a passion and personal love of transformative skincare. Her commitment to providing the highest-quality skincare treatments and her dedication to her patients makes her a standout in the skincare community. It’s no wonder why she has won Best of the Valley awards for five years in a row. From her experience, Noelle intimately understands the connection between skin conditions and overall health. She found the connection between aesthetics and integrative care at LifeScape Premier to be the perfect place to serve her patients. Here, she can truly put her passion for transformative laser, aesthetics, and body contouring treatments into practice. When she is not seeing patients at LifeScape Premier, she travels the country as a National Clinical Trainer, committing herself to spreading her advanced aesthetics knowledge to other skincare professionals within her industry. NOELLE CESARIO Lifescape Premier @scottsdaleskinexpert Noelle@scottsdaleskinexpert.com lifescapepremier.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY

HEALTH 35 A servant’s heart and choosing joy and gratitude will increase personal success and positively impact those around you. Teri Roberts, BS, DPT, PCS, has a servant’s heart and is committed to choosing joy in life. As a devoted pediatric physical therapist and owner of AzOPT and Kids Place, Teri finds fulfillment in offering her clients hope for an improved quality of life. Her role extends beyond therapy, creating a vibrant, family-oriented work environment for her employees where they can discover their passions. In addition to her professional endeavors, Teri co-founded Mariah’s Miracle, an organization aimed at finding joy amidst grief. It was established after the tragic passing of a fellow pediatric physical therapist to cancer at the age of 26. The foundation provides medical equipment and therapy services to Arizona children denied coverage by their medical insurance. Over the last three years, Mariah’s Miracle has raised over $150,000 and assisted numerous children. Embarking on a new journey, Teri is now dedicated to serving the City of Goodyear as a city council member. This endeavor allows her to leverage her servant’s heart to spread joy and gratitude on a broader scale within the community. TERI ROBERTS Arizona Orthopedic Physical Therapy (AzOPT) @teriroberts4goodyear @teristergulzroberts azopt.net PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

36 Adrienne Hart is the visionary Founder and Principal Designer of ModaScapes Interior Design, a renowned firm celebrated for transforming living spaces into dream homes. With an illustrious career spanning several years, Adrienne has cultivated a unique approach to interior design that prioritizes not only the aesthetic appeal of a space but its profound impact on the occupants’ quality of life. Under her leadership, ModaScapes Interior Design has emerged as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the field, specializing in a wide range of services from minor decor adjustments to major renovations and even constructing new homes from the ground up. Adrienne’s philosophy revolves around the belief that a home should be a sanctuary that supports and enriches one’s life. Her design process is deeply collaborative, ensuring that each client’s style and needs are at the forefront of every project. This client-centric approach has earned her numerous accolades and a reputation for excellence in interior design. Adrienne’s work is characterized by her meticulous attention to detail, functionality, and sustainability, integrating convenience features and easily maintained surfaces to ADRIENNE HART ModaScapes Interior Design @modascapes 602.649.4315 modascapes.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY Our surroundings profoundly impact how we live. It can be a weight keeping us down OR provide abundant support and inspiration! enhance the livability of a space. Beyond her technical skills, Adrienne is known for her empathetic and intuitive understanding of her clients’ desires. She strives to create environments that reflect their personalities, promoting a sense of well-being and harmony. Adrienne’s commitment to making a difference in her clients’ lives extends to her advocacy for spaces that foster peace, support, and freedom of movement. Her designs are visually stunning and thoughtfully curated environments that empower individuals and families to live their best lives. Her dedication to excellence and her innovative approach to creating functional, beautiful spaces have made her a sought-after designer. Her work with ModaScapes Interior Design continues to set new standards in the industry, proving that good design is not just about how a space looks, but how it feels and functions for those who call it home. Adrienne’s vision for the future of design is one where every home is a reflection of its occupants’ dreams and aspirations, a testament to her enduring commitment to transforming lives through design. HOME + LIFE


HOME + LIFE 38 Inner riches supersede material wealth. At the age of 19, Aiyana did something that others her age only dreamed of doing: traveling solo 2000 miles away from the country roads of West Virginia to satisfy a vision she couldn’t escape. Hungry to understand the intricacies of geopolitics and the behavioral psychology of money, Aiyana dove into the financial service sector, swiftly rising as one of the top 50 interns nationwide at a Fortune 100 company. Her thirst for knowledge, gifts for connecting with people, and desire to serve clients on a global scale led her to an opportunity at J.M. Arbour Wealth Management as a Private Wealth Adviser. She and her team operate as a beacon of support, serving as the single point of contact for all aspects of their clients’ financial lives. As part of a Multi-Family Office, she ensures that her clients receive comprehensive guidance for investments, insurance, legal and tax affairs, family governance, private investigation, and executive protection. For Aiyana, this isn’t just a career; it’s fulfilling a vision she saw years ago and committing to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves. AIYANA J. LAUDERMAN J.M. Arbour Wealth Management @aiyana-lauderman aiyana@jmarbour.com jmarbour.com PHOTO CREDIT: ALEX SCZUDLO

HOME + LIFE 39 Hard work, kindness, and positivity bring success. April, an Arizona native, identical twin, and proud ASU alum carved a niche in sales, swiftly ascending the corporate ladder. Her entrepreneurial spirit ignited early, leading her to establish her own Farmers Insurance Agency in 2008, followed by DPX DUI Process Experts in 2012. This innovative venture offers concierge services for DUI conviction recovery, reflecting April’s commitment to serving and improving lives. A firm believer in the power of synergy and community, April attributes her success to the support of fellow female entrepreneurs. Her ability to forge sincere connections has defined her career and enriched her personal life. Actively participating in local initiatives, April serves on the Scottsdale Women’s Council of Realtors Board and is passionate about fundraising for Arizona-based nonprofits. As a single mother to Parker and Lexi, she is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment, emphasizing hard work, kindness, and positivity. April’s journey is a testament to her belief in making a difference through excellence and collaboration. APRIL SCHAFFROTH April Schaffroth Farmers Insurance Agency @apriljoelle 602.920.7187 insuranceinaz.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY

HOME + LIFE 40 “Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention.” This is one of my favorite quotes. Meet Becky Garcia, the founder and CEO of a 99% female real estate organization that is changing the game in the industry. Becky is a dynamic and innovative entrepreneur passionate about empowering women through building wealth through real estate. With years of experience in the real estate industry, Becky saw a gap in the market for a female-led organization catering to firsttime female buyers. She knew that many women face unique challenges when buying their first home. That’s why she decided to start The Garcia Group, with a mission to help first-time buyers overcome barriers and achieve financial independence through real estate. Under Becky’s leadership, her organization has become known for its exceptional customer service, personalized attention, and commitment to empowering its clients. With a highly skilled and motivated professional team, Becky’s organization is proving that women can thrive in this career by empowering new buyers to win through real estate! BECKY GARCIA The Garcia Group @ eXp Realty @beckygarciaAZ @garciagroupaz info@beckygarcia.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

HOME + LIFE 41 In life and business, I believe in transformative relationships and community. Success is being authentic, proud and inspiring others. Leveraging her multifaceted background as a former attorney, VP of Editorial and Travel Editor for Modern Luxury Media and marketing executive, Beth Weitzman brings a wealth of experience to her position as a Global Real Estate Advisor with Engel & Völkers Scottsdale Waterfront and Beverly Hills, CA. Possessing a strategic mindset, creativity, meticulous attention to detail, and expert negotiation abilities, Beth is dedicated to surpassing her client’s expectations and achieving outstanding outcomes. With a passion for real estate and design cultivated during her legal career, Beth’s journey led her to luxury publishing, where she oversaw 60+ magazine titles in 17 U.S. cities. Beth later founded Buzz’n Brand marketing consultancy, served as Chief Creative Officer at Murphy O’Brien, and was VP of Marketing at LGO Hospitality. With an extensive network, Beth offers a fresh, personalized approach and unwavering commitment to quality, service, and an exceptional real estate experience. She additionally offers consulting services to a select number of clients for their marketing, branding, and content needs. BETH WEITZMAN Engel & Völkers Scottsdale & Beverly Hills @beth_weitzman | @bethweitzman beth@bethweitzman.com bethweitzman.evrealestate.com PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

HOME + LIFE 42 I’m passionate about strategic leadership, strategic planning, and strategic real estate investments! Carol A. Poore, Ph.D., MBA, is President of Poore and Associates Strategic Planning | Strategic Real Estate. She’s passionate about helping executive teams shape an engaging, productive strategic planning program to chart the future of corporate, nonprofit, and trade association organizations. Her work builds upon a foundation of senior executive roles at Salt River Project, Arizona State University, and an HIV/AIDS clinical trial research and community health organization. Carol is an Arizona-licensed real estate broker who provides strategy and support for clients selling and buying property investments. Her philanthropy includes serving on hospital, bank, nonprofit, community development, and university boards. She serves on the faculty at Arizona State University, teaching courses in public policy, leadership, and community development. Carol is an international speaker. Her strategy books include Leadership in the Metaverse, Strategic Impact (Fast Company Press), and Building Your Career Portfolio (Cengage). The Phoenix native earned three degrees from ASU: a Ph.D. in Public Administration, an MBA, and a BS in Journalism. CAROL A. POORE, PH.D. Poore & Associates Strategic Planning|Strategic Real Estate @CarolPoorePhD Carol@CarolPoore.com CarolPoore.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY

HOME + LIFE 43 Life is short; take the photo! My photography is not only a job but a ministry. I want people to have their beautiful moments captured! Colleen McKenna Katz, a Chicago native who found her home in Arizona at the tender age of five, has deep roots in Scottsdale, where she was raised, and is now raising her own family. Embracing the breathtaking beauty of the valley surrounding her, Colleen deeply loves capturing its essence through her photography. Her photography journey began out of frustration with traditional studio sessions. This led her to photograph her four children, turning a simple hobby into a flourishing career. Today, Colleen is renowned for her exceptional talent in capturing family moments, senior portraits, and professional headshots. She strives to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring her clients have a memorable experience. Colleen’s approach to photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s about crafting moments that her clients will treasure forever. Her innate ability to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, combined with her keen eye for detail, results in stunning, heartfelt images that capture the essence of each individual and moment. COLLEEN KATZ Pictures in Pixels Photography @picturesinpixelsaz katzparty@yahoo.com 480.748.1474 PHOTO CREDIT: SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY

HOME + LIFE 44 Be committed to whatever you do, whether working, self-care, laughing, or having fun! Denise began her career as a middle school math and science teacher for over six years, additionally working in non-profit organizations. After 16 years of non-profit work, she ventured into the corporate arena. After more than three years within the technology industry, she joined forces with Eric to further our mission to provide the best homecare and placement services available to seniors in the Valley of the Sun. Her teaching background, business experience, and passion for helping others made her an obvious fit for the agency. Armed with a master’s degree in business administration, Denise actively contributes to various boards and committees, leveraging her insights to educate seniors and their families on available resources and to drive positive change within her community. When not immersed in her charitable pursuits, Denise finds solace in volunteering for diverse causes, embracing an active lifestyle at the gym or hiking trails, and cherishing moments with her beloved family. DENISE KAYE Connections In HomeCare & Communities @CIHCLLC @connections-in-home-care-llc connectionsinhomecare.com PHOTO CREDIT: COLLEEN KATZ - PICTURES IN PIXELS PHOTOGRAPHY