KNOW Magazine Spring 2023

EXPERIENCE // POWER OF KNOW KNOW MAGAZINE 51 In the world of business, partnerships can often be the key to success. Such was the case for Theresa Backes and DeAnna Dupree, two driven entrepreneurs who found themselves supporting each other on an unexpected journey towards achieving their dreams. It was through their partnership that Theresa was able to help DeAnna secure the lease for her new studio, and their story exemplifies the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing..what we like to call The Power of KNOW. The stage was set during a Global Pod call, hosted by Theresa, KNOW Elite Member. The call brought together 13 members of the KNOW community, each sharing updates on their entrepreneurial ventures. It was during this call that DeAnna excitedly announced her decision to take a leap of faith by opening a salon/studio in a Collective located in North Scottsdale. The opportunity was ideal, but it also meant stepping outside of DeAnna’s planned launch timeline. Theresa, along with the other members, expressed genuine enthusiasm for DeAnna’s news. Recognizing that DeAnna had never signed a lease for a retail space before, Theresa saw an opportunity to use her own expertise in opening retail locations, dealing with landlords, and lease agreements to assist her friend. They knew that by working together, they could negotiate terms that would benefit DeAnna’s business and secure the space. After the call, DeAnna reached out to the landlord to request a copy of the lease for review. Unfortunately, the landlord was unwilling to release a copy and only allowed DeAnna to review it in his office prior to signing. This presented a challenge, as Theresa couldn’t be present to offer her insights. However, the duo remained undeterred and set out to find a creative solution. Their plan took shape as Theresa compiled a comprehensive document filled with questions for the landlord. These questions delved into the terms and conditions of the lease, covering areas that people often overlook, such as rental increases, advance payments, utility responsibilities, and insurance coverage. Armed with this questionnaire, DeAnna would be equipped to ensure her protection and gain a thorough understanding of the contract. Theresa and DeAnna rehearsed their strategy diligently, preparing DeAnna to approach the negotiations with confidence and authority. DeAnna’s goal was to secure the answers and concessions she needed to protect her interests. Thanks to their meticulous preparation and DeAnna’s tenacity, she successfully obtained all the necessary information and signed the lease on her terms. The essence of the Accountability Pods, within the KNOW community, is rooted in sharing knowledge and supporting fellow entrepreneurs through with DeAnna Dupree & Theresa Backes | by Erin Daniels the various challenges they face. Theresa and DeAnna exemplified this spirit by collaborating and leveraging Theresa’s expertise to solve a critical business decision. Their success story highlights the power of partnership, where individuals come together, pool their knowledge, and help each other thrive. In the end, it was the shared passion for success and the desire to see one another flourish that led Theresa and DeAnna to triumph in their endeavor. Their journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the transformative potential of partnerships and the immense value of collective wisdom within a supportive community. The Power Of “I don't know what kind of magic Sarah has but she has attracted the most incredible women in the universe..I'm so grateful to KNOW.” - DeAnna Dupree