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HOLIDAY EDITION 2023 photography FLOWERSOME PHOTOGRAPHY MIYA JONES PHOTOGRAPHY SYNTHIA THERESE PHOTOGRAPHY SARAH HOAG PHOTOGRAPHY GALVEZ AND PARTNERS FEMFORCE editor + creative director ERIN DANIELS publisher SARAH BENKEN FOUSHEE contributing writers JULIE HINMAN RACHEL NABERS HEATHER LOCKE HEATHER DZIEDIZC NANCY MEEK COURTNEY PETRIN NILOU HENDERSON MELISSA PRUITT from the PUBLISHER I’m thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the Holiday 2023 Edition of KNOW Magazine. This time of year always evokes a sense of community, and within these pages, we’ve curated stories that exemplify the core values of KNOW—visibility and connections. Our cover features the inspiring Parita Patel, whose incredible journey resonated with me deeply. If her story touches even one woman, she believes it’s worth it, and I’m confident it will profoundly impact each of you. In addition, we’re delighted to showcase some outstanding product-based businesses in our Holiday Gift Guide. With eight pages filled with a variety of items, it’s the perfect resource for your holiday shopping this season. I’m in awe of the impact KNOW Cares has made this year by awarding three Boost Your Business Grants to women-owned businesses in Charlotte, Tampa, and Phoenix. The mission of KNOW Cares is to empower, educate, and engage ambitious women and girls worldwide, and it’s an honor to see that mission come to fruition. Read about our grant winners and the positive impact on their businesses thus far. As we enter the holiday season surrounded by love, I hope this issue fills you with inspiration. We’ve packed it with experiences and education to set you up for a successful new year in all aspects of your life. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Together, we are actively elevating the voices of women and bettering the future for the next generations to come. Warm regards, Sarah Benken Foushee Publisher of KNOW Magazine & CEO of KNOW Women, LLC 2 KNOW MAGAZINE

HOLIDAY EDITION 2023 1.....................Ascend Leadership Co. 7 .................................HW Consulting 17 ....................Trek Wealth Solutions 19 ..................E.V. Sternroos Jewellry 19 .............................Melt by Melissa 19 ......................................Bergy Bag 19 ............................AIIR Professional 19 .........................................Olivespa 20 .........................Osborne Jewelers 20 ..............................Alani Organics 20 ...............Shelton Wellness Center 26 .....The Business Growth Academy 33 .........................................Somnvie 33 .................Open Arms Surrogacy 47 .............. Carolina Massageworks 47 ...........................................Elontec from the EDITOR Embracing my favorite season, I am thrilled to unveil the magic within the pages of the Holiday 2023 Edition of KNOW Magazine. I can’t wait to share the festive spirit and bid farewell to another incredible journey around the sun with you. In this edition, our Leading Lady feature shares a story that is a true celebration of grit, foresight, and entrepreneurial fire. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Parita Patel, the genius behind Parita Health, as she laid bare her remarkable journey. Parita shared the real and raw details of her path—from feeling unfulfilled in a corporate gig and trapped in a loveless marriage to making a bold pivot. She transformed her last $1500 into a 7-figure agency with 45+ agents. What I find truly amazing about putting together these stories is the incredible lineup of women that KNOW proudly showcases. From guilt-free holiday wellness tips to savvy business insights on wrapping up the year with a bang, our contributors—Julie Hinman, Vanessa Shaw, Rachel Nabers, and Heather Locke—share pearls of wisdom that you can incorporate into your personal and business lives today. And, of course, our Get To KNOW Q&A is as fun as always! Melissa Pruitt, CEO and Founder of Melt by Melissa, showcases her fun and determined personality as she shares her growth journey of starting from the kitchen table to opening multiple locations and launching a skincare line. A heartfelt thank you for being a vital part of the KNOW Magazine community. Your engagement and infectious enthusiasm breathe life into these pages, and it’s nothing short of an honor to share this Holiday Issue with you. With festive joy and eager anticipation, Erin Daniels Editor + Creative Director of KNOW Magazine To inquire about advertising in a future issue of KNOW Magazine or to receive a media kit, email: hello@ connect @theknowwomen subscribe ©2023 Know Women, LLC. all rights reserved. KNOW MAGAZINE 3

CULTURE 8 SCENE See the next-level experiences put on by KNOW Women across the country 12 LEADING LADY A Woman to KNOW: Parita Patel; CEO and Founder of Parita Health 16 HAPPENINGS Be in the KNOW about all events happening in December, January, and Feburary 2023 GIFT GUIDE 18 THE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Shop in our curated gift guide for all your holiday gift needs SOCIETE 27 WELLNESS Julie Hinman on How To Eat Guilt-Free at the Holidays 28 BUSINESS OF BUSINESS Learn 6 Steps to End the Year Strong with Vanessa Shaw 30 PROTECT YOUR ASSETS Learn from Rachel Nabers on How to (legally) Take a $50,000 Tax Deduction this Year 32 ENHANCE YOUR BRAND Crack the Code with SEO: You’re Either in or You’re Out with Heather Locke 34 Q&A: GET TO KNOW Meet the Founder Behind Melt by Melissa and Read About her Inspiring Journey EXPERIENCE 37 THE POWER OF KNOW Meet the Three Winners of the KNOW Cares Boost Your Business Grants HOME + LIFE 38 INTERIOR TRENDS Courtney Petrin of Savannah’s Home and Design takes us into her Modern Patina Project TRAVEL 41 FEATURED CITY Discover how to spend 48 hours in Chicago, KNOW’s Newest Flagship FOOD + BEV 44 WINTER + WINE Naviagate Winter Dishes with Perfect Wine Pairings 46 SIP Spice Up Your Palate with Merry Mulled Wine- A MustTry Recipe from Nancy Meek STYLE + BEAUTY 48 FASHION Featuring Bergy Bag, an Insulated, Elevated Clutch Made to Keep Your Cosmetics Cool 52 WHAT’S IN HER BAG? Serial Entrepreneur, Nilou Henderson, Tells All on What’s in her Yves Saint Laurent Icare Maxi Shopping Bag IN THIS ISSUE 52

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CULTURE // LEADING LADY KNOW MAGAZINE 13 motivation to guide them on their unique journeys to success. Valuing the profound importance of family, she strives not only to be a successful entrepreneur but also a devoted mother and spouse, acknowledging that genuine fulfillment stems from meaningful connections. In her 33 years of existence, Parita feels as though she has lived multiple lifetimes, with each chapter contributing to a journey marked by love and loss, growth and adversity, pain and enlightenment. The turning point occurred the day after her 25th birthday when she woke up to the realization that the life she was leading did not align with her happiness. Although she had achieved societal milestones of education, a wellpaying job, and settling down with a partner, she found herself living for weekends, trapped in a perpetual state of emptiness and lack of inspiration. Hailing from a first-generation Indian background, the unyielding work ethic instilled by Parita’s parents propelled her to excel in every endeavor. However, despite surpassing expectations and conquering challenges, she yearned for more. The corporate landscape, where she spent half her time in a 40-hour workweek job, proved stifling to her soul. The pursuit of a more fulfilling life led her to leave it all behind, seeking a path that would reignite her passion. Parita Patel, the Visionary and CEO of Parita Health, a Health Insurance Agency based in Tampa, FL, embarked on her journey in the industry in 2021, experiencing phenomenal growth in recent years. Operating within the distinctive realm of private insurance, Parita’s agency stands as a crucial ally for individuals, business proprietors, and families, enabling them to achieve significant annual savings on healthcare expenditures. At the forefront of an exceptional team, consisting of more than 45 dedicated agents, her mission is to create a positive impact on the lives of others. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to leadership and personal development, Parita is on a quest to attain the pinnacle of excellence and become the best version of herself. Recognizing that true leadership lies in the ability to inspire, she aims to set an example, showcasing the attainability of audacious goals and desires through steadfast dedication. Looking ahead, Parita’s aspirations extend beyond personal triumphs. She envisions herself addressing thousands of students, sharing wisdom and “Year one, I went from $1,500 to my name to 6-figures. Year two, I became the #1 Insurance Agent and first female in the history of the company to hold the title and with 7-figures to my name. Today, I have my own agency with a team of 45+ agents.” Returning to Florida in 2015, the subsequent chapters of Parita’s life unfolded, characterized by love and challenges. Approaching her 30s, societal pressures to settle down intensified. Her father’s probing questions about her expectations led her down a path intertwining love and an entrepreneurial career. Stumbling upon a boutique fitness studio with a transformative workout, she transitioned from a personal trainer to the Chief Operating Officer, nurturing the owner’s business. Thriving in her career and newly married, the sudden closure of the business and the challenges posed by the pandemic created a dual crisis. Navigating a loveless marriage during the pandemic, Parita grappled with the realization that her expectations were unmet. The quest to re-enter the workforce post-divorce led her to the insurance industry, marking a transformative period in her life. Despite being broken, she discovered a talent for sales, empowering her to rebuild her confidence and redefine her path. As Parita navigated the complexities of divorce, her career soared to unprecedented heights. Social media became a platform to revolutionize the insurance industry’s image. She states, “I poured myself into my job and through my efforts on social media building trusted relationships, I changed the face of the industry forever. Year one, I went from $1,500 to my name to 6-figures. Year two, I became the #1 Insurance Agent and first female in the history of the company to hold the title and with 7-figures to my name. Today, I have my own agency with a team of 45+ agents.” The profound impact of divorce, akin to the loss of a loved one, coincided with monumental strides in her career. The juxtaposition of personal and professional evolution crystallized her mission—to empower others, identify their strengths, and challenge them to live the lives they aspire to. Her story, a testament to actively choosing one’s path without succumbing to fear, resonates across personal and professional spheres. Addressing the question of what sets her company apart, transparency emerges as a cornerstone. “The insurance space and sales, in general, have a bad reputation. A lot of agents care more about the sale than about the client. My team is not like that at all. We are completely transparent and do right by our clients so that we can rest assured that we are taking care of people and putting them in the best position so they are protected. God-forbid something happened to them.”

14 KNOW MAGAZINE Looking ahead, despite skepticism from male peers, a promotion awaits Parita next year, promising to double the size of her team. The transition will pivot her responsibilities toward leadership development and recruitment, a testament to her unwavering belief in promoting oneself when deserving. Her overarching message centers on actively living life without fear, choosing autonomy over a life dictated by external forces. Amidst the prevalent complaints about unfulfilling work situations and strained relationships, Parita’s story advocates for proactive change. Leaving a miserable corporate life, pursuing entrepreneurship, and achieving seven figures post-divorce, she aims to inspire others to embrace their unique journeys fearlessly. “My main message going forward is to share the concept of actively living your life without fear. Choosing to live your life and not let it be chosen for you. “ As Parita stands at the intersection of personal and professional triumphs, she is propelled by a commitment to empower the next generation of female leaders. In a male-dominated industry, she exemplifies that being a woman is not a hindrance but a strength. By authentically documenting her journey, leveraging social media to bring transparency to modern challenges, and offering guidance on building confidence and overcoming obstacles, she aims to equip future female leaders for success. @itsmeparita “If I can share my story so other women find the courage to choose their life, take the actions necessary to live it the way they want to, and be unafraid to trust themselves, I know my story can be relatable on a personal level, professional level, and if it touches even one person, then it’s worth telling.” CULTURE // LEADING LADY “If I can share my story so other women find the courage to choose their life, take the actions necessary to live it the way they want to, and be unafraid to trust themselves, I know my story can be relatable on a personal level, professional level, and if it touches even one person, then it’s worth telling.” Reflecting on the best advice she’s received, the notion of performing without a specific purpose resonates profoundly. Goals, while essential, can sometimes obscure the broader perspective. Performing without a fixed purpose allows for continuous self-improvement, irrespective of the circumstances. This philosophy, imbibed from David Goggins, has been transformative in navigating life’s adversities. In essence, the narrative of Parita Patel is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams. From the depths of personal challenges to the zenith of professional success, her journey encapsulates the essence of empowerment, inspiring others to break free from societal norms and actively chart their unique paths to fulfillment. Elite Member | Tampa

CULTURE // HAPPENINGS 16 KNOW MAGAZINE DEC JAN FEB 12/5 6 PM AZ KNOW Phoenix West Valley Member Meet-Up Join KNOW Member, Becky Garcia with eXp realty, for an evening for Global and Elite members in the West Valley to connect. 12/7 1PM AZ Virtual KNOW Member Interest Call Join Global and Elite members for an interest call all about leadership and team building. Come together to network with fellow high-caliber business women across North America. 12/13 12PM AZ Virtual KNOW Live Member Workshop Join us for a masterclass taught by Vanessa Shaw on Leaving $30k-$100k on the Table. 12/15 6PM EST KNOW Charlotte Vol 5 Launch and Sparkle by KNOW Holiday Party Come celebrate the incredible women featured in the newest volume of KNOW Charlotte. 1/10 6PM AZ Phoenix Sparkle by KNOW: After Holiday Holiday Party Dress in your best sequin, sparkle, and shimmer & get ready to party “after holiday” style with the ladies of KNOW Phoenix. 1/17 10AM AZ Virtual KNOW Live Member Workshop Join us for a masterclass taught by Kristin Delfau on Finding an Accountant you can Trust. 1/23 11AM AZ Virtual KNOW Member Interest Call Global and Elite members will come together to discuss and share 2024 business plan. Connect with fellow members and leave ready to crush your 2024 goals. 1/30 6PM KNOW FOCU$ED Series: Meet the Media Join us in Charlotte, Tampa, and Phoenix as we kick-off our FOCU$ED Series teaching you how to get PR and Visibility for Your Brand NEIGHBORHOOD MEET UPS Charlotte and Tampa Connect with women in your respective neighborhoods. Be on the look out for details for connection events in North Charlotte, South Charlotte, East Hillsborough, and Central and South Tampa. 2/6 12PM AZ Virtual KNOW Member Interest Call Global and Elite members will come together to network with fellow high-caliber business women across North America. 2/16 10AM AZ Virtual KNOW Live Member Workshop Join us for a masterclass taught by Sandy Sempler on Feminine Power for Authentic Success in Business. 2/21 6PM CST KNOW Chicago Girl’s Night Out Join us in our newest Flagship for a night out with Chicago’s Top Entrepreneurs, Executives, CEO’s, and Philanthropists 2/24 11AM KNOW Bubbly Brunch + Shop Dress in your best brunch attire and spend your morning sipping mimosas and shopping our curated pop-up markets in Charlotte, Tampa, Chicago, and Phoenix. 12/17 6PM EST KNOW Tampa Vol 6 Launch and Sparkle by KNOW Holiday Party Come celebrate the incredible women featured in the newest volume of KNOW Tampa. 12/18 10AM AZ KNOW Phoenix Global Member Co-Working Day Get ready for an ambitious blend of networking and collaboration in a sleek, new workspace with your fellow KNOW Global Phoenix Women.


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KNOW MAGAZINE 27 SOCIETE //WELLBEING WELLNESS IN WONDERLAND HOW TO EAT GUILT-FREE AT THE HOLIDAYS The smell of pumpkin spice lattes and pine has begun to fill the air, and holiday planning is in full swing. October through the New Year is one of my favorite times of the year. From family feasts to holiday parties and shopping, there’s always something to look forward to. Creating memories and carrying holiday and family traditions is essential to the holiday season. In most homes, food is central to the tradition. It’s not the salad we remember, but the rich and extravagant foods labored over for hours, perfect for a special occasion. But if you’re like most people today, the holiday season is filled with holiday parties and celebrations. With most people attending 1-2 special events a week from late November through the New Year. It’s easy to see how the holidays could be a time of year when our waistlines expand. It can especially be challenging for those actively working toward a health goal or for someone worried about adding unwanted weight during the holidays. So how can you attend a packed holiday schedule without guilt and unexpected weight gain? Start by creating mindfulness and awareness around your holiday schedule and eating plans. While many people plan to overindulge in food and drink, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Be mindful of the number of events you have planned and what food and drink options you’ll have access to during an event. Attend as many events as you like, but remember consuming dense meals and desserts more than once or twice a week may lead to weight gain or stall your progress toward your goals. Most importantly, plan. Plan for the week by acknowledging how often you’ll eat out of the home, and don’t forget to plan for event days. Use the following tips to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Tips to stay on track with your goals during the holiday. 1. Do not skip meals, and stay consistent with your food/eating schedules. a. Pay attention to hunger cues. Eat only when hungry. b. Tune in and be mindful while eating. Avoid the temptation to overeat. 2. Do not attend an event hungry. a. Eat a well-balanced, highprotein snack 1-2 hours before your event to avoid snacking. 3. Prioritize protein at every meal, especially at breakfast. 4. Drink enough water! It’s easy to get off track during the holidays. 5. Stay active. Keep your regular fitness routine during the holidays as best as you can. a. Include physical activity during family events. Physical activity was a Thanksgiving requirement in years past. Instead of watching TV or playing video games, move kids and family outside and make memories. Lasting memories can be created around a game of basketball or flag football over the holidays. 6. Don’t stress! Aim to stay consistent and remember the 80/20 rule. If you do this alone, you’ll easily maintain your goals this holiday season. Don’t forget that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are just another meal. Stick to your goals and keep your routines consistent. If you’d like to discuss your health and nutrition goals, we’d be happy to help. Reach out to Julie Hinman at for more information. Julie Hinman uses nutrition and exercise as the foundations of her health journey and believes passionately in wellness and health optimization. She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, Academy of Nurse Practitioners, and earned both Master’s of Science in Nursing and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from The University of Arizona, Tucson. Julie Hinman DNP, FNCP Soal Wellness Elite Member | Phoenix

SOCIETE //BUSINESS OF BUSINESS 28 KNOW MAGAZINE The end of year is an interesting mix between ending well and setting yourself up for success in 2024. To set yourself up for success be sure to follow the steps below as you plan to create your best year yet! Looking Back Before Looking Forwards Whether you’re on track to achieve all of your goals this year or have fallen behind, it’s never too late to do a “look back” review so that you can carry valuable lessons learned into the coming year with you. I would always recommend doing a “look back” before you start to “look forward” to the coming year. My favorite questions to ask: What were our big wins for the year and why are they important? What were our biggest challenges and what can we learn from them? What are our incompletes and what needs to happen with them now? Knowing what you know today, what will you do differently next year? What must I stop doing next year? Tolerations You may have heard that you won’t get what you want but you’ll get what you tolerate and it’s true. Tolerations are a clear signal for where you set your own standards and are willing to give away valuable energy to things and people that are draining for you. The end of year is an excellent time to do a Tolerations Audit. Start by making a list of all those tasks, relationships and current results that you are tolerating and that are energy draining. Do this for both your personal and professional life. Don’t be surprised if this list is long (you’re not alone!). Those tolerations represent the standards that you allow for the current version of you. In order to get new results you’ll also need to raise your standards and that will require no longer tolerating certain things. The good news is that when you reduce what you’re tolerating, you’ll also free up valuable energy for greater creativity and resourcefulness. Financial Review Did you achieve your financial goals for the year? If yes, it’s time to celebrate! How will you reward yourself personally for all your efforts? If not, what progress did you make and what are your opportunities for improvement? E.g. Having a system to track money at least twice a month, increasing your fees, analyzing which services are the most profitable, setting appropriate financial goals based on your lifestyle needs and desires etc There are also opportunities for a rapid cash injection in the last weeks of the year: Who can you make a special offer to now to work with you in 2024? Who might want an end of year deal to pay in full in 2024? Who would sign up now to benefit from 2023 pricing before you increase your fees? 6 STEPS TO END THE YEAR STRONG

Vanessa Shaw Business Growth Academy Elite Member | Phoenix Whilst you can’t get rich simply by cutting expenses - now is also a great time to review expenses for 2023 with a view to cutting expenses that are not giving your business a strong ROI or services you’re no longer using (subscriptions are a great example of this) Ideal “Champagne Clients” Champagne Clients are the lifeblood of any business and many women are still working with Wine and Beer clients who are overly demanding, energy draining and contributing to financial strain in your business. You are always evolving as the Visionary Business Leader and it therefore makes sense that the clients you serve need to evolve too. A client “audit” is a great exercise to end the year strong. Compile a list of your clients in 2023 and put them into categories: Who was a joy to work with, caused you to grow in your skill set and also willingly pays your fees? (Hint: these could be your Champagne clients) Who was energy draining, paid you late and overstepped boundaries? (Hint: You may be tolerating this type of client and it’s time to change that for next year!) Team If you want to grow and scale your business without needing to do everything yourself, you’ll need support. However, hiring support can be costly, time consuming and doesn’t always give you the support you need as a business leader. Whether you’re working with independent contractors or employees, getting the right support is key to taking your business to the next level. Some of my favourite questions to ask about team is: Knowing what I know today, who would I happily hire again? Knowing what I know today, who would I not hire again? Who do I believe has the right skills, attitude and values to further my vision for the business? If you were to take 2 weeks off from the business, what breakdowns would occur? What training or support do I need to give my rockstars so they can excel in 2024? CEO Time Ending the year strong would not be complete without taking a close look at how you are using your most valuable resource - time. Take a look at your calendar and the story it’s telling you. Are you booked back to back and putting everybody else’s needs before yours? Or do you have plenty of free time to work ON the business as well as developing yourself as the Business Leader? What boundaries are in place for your own work, creativity and strategic thinking? How do you want your calendar to be looking differently in 2024? How much free time do you want to have? How many unplugged vacations do you want to take? In conclusion, ending the year strong requires looking back and learning from past experiences and combining this wisdom with strategic planning for the coming year. It’s a combination of ending the current year on a positive note as well as setting a powerful foundation for the year to come. If you’d like our help to create your best year yet, book a FREE Growth Strategy Session at growthstrategy KNOW MAGAZINE 29

30 KNOW MAGAZINE SOCIETE // PROTECT YOUR ASSETS DEDUCTIONS DECODED HOW TO (LEGALLY) TAKE A $50,000 TAX DEDUCTION THIS YEAR As a small business owner, you can (legally) pay a lot less in taxes. Typically, this means writing off many of your everyday business expenses as tax deductions. These tax breaks can reduce your total business income for the year and that usually means you’ll pay less in taxes. The following seven end-of-year tax deductions are especially useful for solopreneurs, and can help you save on your taxes this year and in the future. Tax Deductions for Small Businesses Tax deductions reduce the amount of income that you are taxed on. There are deductions for regular expenses that you incur in your day-to-day business operations and deductions for one-time expenses, such as start-up costs and business investments. Tax deductions can be narrowly defined or very general, but the general rule is that if it is an expense to run your business, it can be counted as a business tax deduction. 1) Depreciation If you purchased a piece of equipment or furniture for your business, you might be able to deduct a portion of the cost over several years. The portion that you’re allowed to deduct each year is known as depreciation, and this is a great tax deduction to capture if possible. You can only claim depreciation on assets that are used over the course of business operations. Equipment and furniture that are used in the production process are good candidates for depreciation. You cannot claim depreciation on assets that are used in a personal capacity, such as your laptop that you also use for work or a desk that you sit at both at home and in the office. You must also keep in mind that there are two types of depreciation—regular depreciation and Section 179 depreciation. Regular depreciation is the most common type and is claimed on most assets. Section 179 depreciation is an accelerated method for claiming deductions on expensive business assets. 2) Self-Employment Tax Deductions As a solopreneur, you don’t have to pay taxes for any employees (because you don’t have any). However, you’re required to pay taxes to fund government programs such as Social Security and Medicare. While you can’t write off all of those expenses, you can write off some. In fact, half of your selfemployment taxes can be written off as a Schedule C tax deduction.

KNOW MAGAZINE 31 3) Travel and Entertainment Deductions If you travel for business, you can deduct some of the costs associated with it. Those costs include transportation, meals and lodging (keep this in mind for the next Know event!). You’re also allowed to deduct expenses that are associated with entertainment if the event has a business purpose. For example, you might host a dinner for your clients or invite a potential partner to lunch. Those expenses are fully deductible as travel or entertainment expenses. 4) Computer and Office Equipment Deductions You can deduct the cost of purchasing and maintaining computer and office equipment. This includes everything from your computer and printer to your desk and chairs. You can also deduct the cost of hiring a contractor to help you build a website or develop an online presence. Keep in mind that the computer and equipment must be used for work. You cannot write off the cost of a computer that is used exclusively for personal purposes. You also cannot write off the cost of a computer that is shared between work and personal use. You must be able to show that the computer is primarily used for work. 5) Marketing and Advertising Deductions Advertising your business and marketing efforts are necessary. You can deduct the cost of advertising and marketing efforts. Keep in mind that the advertising must be intended to bring customers to your business. If you spend advertising or marketing dollars to thank your customers, you cannot write off those costs. 6) Contribute to an HSA The HSA, or health savings account, is used to set aside funds for future medical costs. You need to have a highdeductible health plan (HDHP) to be eligible for an HSA. Therefore, you will be responsible for paying additional out-of-pocket medical expenses. The HSA is the only retirement account that allows both pretax contributions and tax-free withdrawals. However, the HSA only covers qualified medical expenses such as: • Acupuncture • Fertility enhancement • Ambulance • Artificial limbs • Eyeglasses • Drug prescriptions • Chiropractor • Psychologist • Physical Therapy • Laboratory fees • Laser eye surgery • Vaccines • Insulin • Midwife • Flu shots • Guide dogs …and more (actually, the list is quite exhaustive) You can contribute up to $3,850 in 2023 as long as your HDHP minimum deductible is $1,500. For tax year 2023, you can make contributions up until April 15, 2024. Get your tax deduction and prepare for any medical expenses. 7) Contribute to a Solo 401k Solo 401k plans are the most powerful retirement plan in existence. You can contribute up to $66,000 for 2023. Add $7,500 if you are age 50 or older. Double that contribution amount if you and your spouse both work in your business. That’s a tax deduction of up to $147,000. When you open a Checkbook Control Solo 401k plan, you can invest those funds in any number of alternative assets, like real estate, private equity & private debt, cryptocurrencies, promissory notes, venture capital investing, commodities, hedge funds, tax liens, and traditional stocks, bonds, & funds. The Solo 401k is a Qualified Retirement Plan (QRP). There are two main types of QRP Solo 401k contributions: 1. Employee (salary deferral) Contributions 2. Employer (profit sharing) Contributions Because you are both the business owner and the employee of your business, you get to make both types of contributions which are tax deductions for you and your business. Contribution limits are based on your earnings from the business connected to your Solo 401k plan. Employee (salary deferral) contributions: The Department of Labor allows a maximum employee salary deferral contribution of $22,500. The employee contribution may be up to 100% of your net compensation. Employee contributions may be pre-tax or designated Roth contributions. Your total employee contribution limit is across all plans where you are an employee. Therefore, if you contribute $10,000 per year to a “regular” job 401k, you could contribute the remaining $12,500 to your Solo 401k as an employee contribution. That’s still a hefty tax deduction to claim! Bottom line If you are a solopreneur, you might be overpaying your taxes because you aren’t fully deducting eligible business expenses. Get to know which expenses qualify as business expenses, and keep in mind that your personal expenses can be deducted from your business tax return. Only those expenses that are related to your business can be written off. When you take stock of your business and how your business is spending money, there are surely tax deductions to claim to help you (legally) pay less in taxes. Make a list of what might be the most beneficial to your bottom line and ensure it’s compliant with the IRS! Solo entrepreneurs should always take full advantage of the tax-saving strategies available. Staying on top of deductions, credits, and changes in legal requirements can make all the difference in reducing your liability at tax time. Having a proactive plan for dealing with taxes is key – regularly reviewing options allows you to find every benefit possible while ensuring long-term financial stability. Rachel Nabers Solo 401k Elite Member | Phoenix

SOCIETE // ENHANCE YOUR BRAND CRACK THE CODE WITH SEO YOU ARE EITHER IN OR YOU’RE OUT! If their website is an important aspect of their business, most business owners will likely recognize the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But even as the world has become lopsidedly online centric, there are still many businesses looking for a spotlight in the dark. If you are one of those, then this article is for you. According to Forbes, as of 2023, there are about 1.13 billion websites on the internet and a new website is built every three seconds. So by the time you’re done reading this article, more than 60 new websites will have been created. While these numbers are mind boggling, it’s clear that building a website without having an SEO strategy is like building a house in the middle of nowhere. Nobody knows where you live and nobody comes to visit. Sad! But by optimizing your website for search engines you participate in huge opportunities to attract visitors, generate leads and sales. Success! So how much opportunity is there? Well, there are billions upon billions of searches everyday. Of which, a staggering 93% comes from Google (by comparison, bing generates around 3%) and more than half of all website traffic comes from organic search which are unpaid listings that appear on a search engine results page (SERP) in large part due to SEO. Beyond just an increase in visitors, ranking high in organic search results instills a sense of credibility and trust in your brand among potential customers as users tend to perceive top-ranking websites as more trustworthy and reputable. A strong SEO strategy can significantly boost your brand’s image, foster lasting customer relationships and drive higher quality leads and conversions. These are just a few of the reasons why SEO is the best bang for your online marketing dollar but if your business falls into one of the following categories, then the case for a good SEO strategy becomes even more enticing: E-commerce: SEO is the most important traffic source for e-commerce websites, accounting for 38% of all traffic. (Statista) B2B: SEO is the most important lead generation channel for B2B businesses, accounting for 53% of all leads. (HubSpot) Local businesses: SEO is essential for local businesses to be found by potential customers in their area. 73% of local searches result in an offline visit. (BrightLocal) Although we recognize that social media is an important component of most online marketing strategies, SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media and has 20 times higher ROI than traditional forms of marketing such as print ads and direct mail. It’s particularly effective because SEO is such a targeted way to reach your specific audience. When people search for keywords related to your business, they’re already interested in what you have to offer. But, while there are a lot of technical aspects to SEO, there are some other important basic things that any business can do to improve their site’s visibility and brand when it comes to being crawled by search engines. These include: Adding & featuring quality content. Content that’s well written and informative will engage your users and improve your site’s ranking. Examples include high-quality blog posts, video, images, diagrams, and animations. Adding videos can increase the average time spent on your site from seconds to minutes. Mobile optimization. 57% of local search queries are done with a mobile device along with 60% of online purchases. Therefore if your site is not optimized for mobile devices, meaning they are hard to navigate and slow to respond, your site will likely rank lower. It’s been reported that U.S. retailers lose an estimated $2.6 billion in sales each year due to slow loading websites. Security & encryption. Google places a higher value on secure sites. Even though security awareness is much higher, it’s still very common to see sites using the old HTTP vs the more secure HTTPS. Sites using HTTPS load their pages via secured connections only protecting you and your users. So be sure to make the smart and necessary investment in a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. The bottom line is it’s not just about generating traffic and leads, it’s also about having a quality secure website with great content so that you can capture and create more conversions. Finally, it’s important to recognize that SEO is like rent & utilities is essential to running a successful business. It’s an ongoing process because the web is so dynamic. Business trends change, browsers change, devices change, software changes, the competition changes and therefore keywords change. But in a world full of billions of websites and counting, without SEO you might as well be the unread book, the silent performer, or the unmarked trail in the woods. 32 KNOW MAGAZINE Heather Locke Hammersmith Support Elite Member | Phoenix 262.227.4246 TOUCH An unrivaled collection of quality Sheet Sets, Pillow Cases, Shams and Duvet Covers SUPPORT The right combination of Pillows layered specifically to your perfect sleep style. WARMTH Blankets and Comforters allow you to adjust your sleep temperature any time of the year. COMFORT Adjust your mattress with a Mattress Enhancer to create the perfect foundation for restorative sleep. PROTECT Mattress and Pillow Protectors keep moisture, allergens and bugs away. SOMNVIE'S FIVE STEPS TO A MORE RESTFUL SLEEP. WRAP YOUR LOVED ONES IN LUXURY Give the gift of comfort this holiday season with the bedding of your dreams! CONTACT LISA FOR A COMPLIMENTARY SLEEP CONSULTATION AND A SPECIAL OFFER!


Q A KNOW MAGAZINE 35 & Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started? “Started from the kitchen counter, now we here.” As an aspiring heart-surgeon since age 6, it’s safe to say that I never thought I’d end up founding my own company in the beauty industry. However, it’s hilarious to really look back at little Melissa who loved putting makeup on her younger brother, cutting her friend’s hair, crafting her own clothes from hand-me-downs, and starting a bunch of “businesses” to make my own money growing up. It’s as if my whole soul-searching journey (aka quarter life identity crisis) was just bringing me back to the essence of who I always was. A totally wild, synchronistic series of events led me to discovering my deep obsession with eyebrows and being a caring, cup-filling service provider — this was way before brows really had “their moment” and became cool but I found “my thing” and believed I could master it + share it with the world. In January 2014, I started MELT as my creative outlet side-hobby hustle and honestly didn’t even realize I was starting a “real” business. I was offering my signature Brow Magic, from the kitchen countertop in my 400 sq ft studio apartment in Scottsdale, to friends — and eventually friends of friends. Eventually, I was running a full on book of clients bursting at the seams! I burned the boats and went ALL IN during the summer of 2016; it’s been the most expansive, awe-inspiring adventure ever since! What do you think makes your company stand out? I wholeheartedly believe that people really connect to the essence of MELT through the way the brand makes them FEEL. It’s always been more than a great service. It’s an experience. A vibe. It’s every detail, even on the most subtle level, that reminds us we are worthy, loved, seen and supported. Our mission and message is palpable — whether you’re landing on our website, reading a social caption, or coming into the studio for some self care. I believe people everywhere, at every touch point, feel the MELT love when they come in contact with it. It’s the most special feedback we receive and I know the world just needs a lotta bit more of that. What was the “Aha Moment” that led to the creation for your current company? Back to that little studio apartment … I was about 2.5 years into building MELT. I had been working 3 jobs literally morning til night everyday for so long but in a flash, I finally realized WOAH. THIS IS IT. I CAN DO THIS. I’ve since discovered this Japanese concept called Ikigai that means your ‘reason for being’ or your life purpose. It’s what brings you joy and inspires you to get out of bed every day. INSIDE SCOOP WAKE UP TIME 5:15 AM BEDTIME 9:30 PM FAV PODCAST CURRENTLY: KNOW THYSELF PODCAST CURRENT READ THE 15 COMMITMENTS OF CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP AND THE ART OF CONTEMPLATION GO-TO DRINK TEAM COFFEE 4 LYFE Ikigai is the sweet spot where 4 ingredients combine: What you love. What you’re good at. What you can be paid for. What the world needs. My mission = uncovering a woman’s natural essence, enabling her to fall in love with her true self fully, and empowering her to live her most beautiful life! That is how I’ll be the change in the world. It started with eyebrows and has continued to manifest through every touchpoint and tendril of MELT. What piece of advice has impacted you the most? In a world that is constantly comparing and competing, I am so incredibly grateful for this advice and my ability to put the blinders on: The energy it takes to look back in a race at who is on your heels simply takes away from the fuel we have to move forward one foot in front of the other. I’ve never wondered who my “competition” is. I’ve never lost sleep over copycats or cared to pay attention to what other people are or aren’t doing in my realm. Not because I’m some special genius who is immune to the full spectrum of being human. But because of the absolute fact that there is no one in the entire galaxy who can do what I do the way that I do it. I am the only ME there will ever be. My only goal is to be HER to the fullest. Let’s own our magic and share our 1-of-1 gifts. The world needs us now more than ever. Tell me about what you’re working on now. As we dive into our next decade, I’m excitedly working on all the ways we’ll reach more humans and spread the MELT love. This includes visions like: Growing the MELT by Melissa Skin + Brow Lines - to touch more faces around the globe and expand into other self care storefronts. Adding new locations - offering our magic in fresh destinations while creating more career growth opportunities nationwide. Amping up Meltiversity - elevating the world of education for other beauty professionals while providing support + resources for other creative entrepreneurs. Strengthening our presence and building communities for women to rise up together through speaking, podcasting, events, women’s groups, and more!